Magnetic implant coating idea

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I am new to this but I have been looking around and I saw that k and j magnetics has a gold plated n52 1/4 and 1/16 magnet for sale and I was wondering if that was good enough for a magnetic implant. if this magnet is not bio compatible than would it still be better if i coated it myself then if I coated a reargular magnet? Also is a 1/4 by 1/16 in magnet too big to implant into my finger. If not I was planing on bying the magnet and coating it in fda2t and implanting one into my leg and one into my finger and then after a year taking the one out of my leg and checking to see if the coating was still holding up.


  • So rule of thumb the phrase "is good enough" or any variant should be a red flag saying don't buy it.

    Gold is safe. Does that mean they tested and made sure it didn't have any pin holes and was 100% coated? No

    1/4x1/16 is quiet large get a ruler and take a look. You want mm.

    There are far safer ways to test an implants suitability than just sticking it in your leg and hoping it doesn't reject or get infected. There are so many threads about this already look around a bit.

    That thread at the very top that says magnet status is the only one that you should be saying I would like a magnet in. Those are the tested and truly safe ones. Magnet man and all the others I wouldn't even touch.
  • Just like @Meanderpaul said, read the FAQ at the top of the forum for some basic info on coatings
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