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Ok so I know this has come up before but I'm making a new thread on it.

I'm currently wearing an NFC ring and have been for over a year now. This ring isn't payment capable. A new version from is being made in partnership with visa. That ring will be able to make payments.

My question I now ask is could @alexsmith or @amal produce an implantable version of this ring? I'm pretty sure you would need to get approval from the card company. Actually I'm positive you would. They use tags very similar to the flex tags that were recently put out.

The information on the rings are open source so it should be really easy to get me information on. I'm going to be sending them an email asking about it also. I'll be posting the response once I get it ( hopefully a good response).


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    That's an exciting prospect.  Following this thread.  You should post your correspondence with the powers that be.
  • I definitely will be posting that assuming he won't mind it. I also sent him a link to this site if he was interested.
  • Making NFC payments with an implant would be awesome. I haven't seen too many places around me that use NFC terminals yet, but it's probably just a matter of time.
  • I imagine it will just be paywave in a ring/implant so there is already plenty of "terminals".
  • Ok so the amount of information I received back was shockingly small.

    I'm not gonna really paste it but I'll just say it.

    Q. What card/bank issuers currently support it? Not many visa cards get full support when it comes to Apple pay and Android.

    A. TBD

    Q. What sort of upgrades where done to this tag to enable payments and could it be encapsulated?

    A. Sorry it's a whole new tag inlay. A glass capsule would be impossible for this one.

    Not quite the responses I was hoping for but it's something.

    Also this was sent from John mclear of McLean ltd.
  • Naturally thing is something I've thought about in the past, as I see it, there are three ways I could make it work:

    1: extract the chip from a paywave credit card and encapsulate it. This approach has both technical and legal challenges, but with enough time and effort I think I could get it to work. The big reason why I haven't done this is because the cards expire after a few years, meaning you'd need to get a new implant.

    2: Talk to the credit card companies and have the support one of the current implant or a new chip. This is not gonna happen. They are huge and we are tiny. 

    3: Create a new implant which mimics the Apple pay/google wallet. I think this is the best option. I think I could built this and make it work, but it would take a lot of time, so far I've only done preliminary research into what I'd need to do.

    BUT if the NFCring guys can get it working in a ring, I can use the same approach to make an implant, so that may really speed things up. I look forward to see what they come up with.
  • It's in the works as part of the UKI project;
  • They are unable to give any information about the rings tags. Hopefully one of you two smarties or some one else will work it out.

    I'll give uki a look.
  • Not sure if you have anything about this info but, I got to renew my contract of my mobile phone and they handed me a new sim-card with NFC in it.
    For future payments using NFC. I'm not sure which kind of tag is in it, as i can't read it with any of my NFC-readers, but when i hold it to a light I can see something in there.

  • I was always under the impression Sim cards where a variant of NFC. I don't believe they have the antenna like the kind you we have here. If Sims did work like that all cell phones could easily be an NFC capable device and they simply aren't.

    What phone carrier?

    Did you try it on the reader with it in a phone or out?
  • I tried it without the Phone, so the bare sim.
    I've tot KPN as carrier.

    I use the acr122u as reader.
  • So I did a quick search and found this.

    It seems to me that the card is capable of doing it but there is probably a security feature where the phone has to authorize it when being read.

    Like apply pay and android pay I doubt simply reading it will work as it's probably got some sort of security built in. Still pretty cool though.
  • Oh yeah! thanks for researching, I just saw the discussion and wanted to chip in that I got a " sim NFC-card" with my new phone :)

  • @amal so I saw your garage video and was wondering about the carriers that accepted using uki? What types of banks are we talking or even brands? Visa, MasterCard, Amex, you know the usual.

    Also prices what might we be talking about? I'm on the fence of getting a payment ring or this. My ring would be a wedding band but I want something nice so I'd prefer the implant for payment.
  • If bitcoin is acceptable, maybe this could be made implantable? 
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