Alternatives to magnet implant.

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I am planning to do a magnet implant. But bumped into a lot of problems while doing so. Then I found somebody that used an magnetic ring on his index finger and he said that it really worked. Of course not as well as actually implanting a magnet, but he said he did feel a lot of electromagnetic fields and stuff. Then I found some other stuff and some other stuff that would be an altarnative solution for having this extra 'sense'. 

Do you guys know any good alternatives that work? 

I also saw stuff like this: . But I doubt something like this will actually be any close to what a real implant would feel like.


  • I've heard magnets taped/glued to fingertips and nails. Maybe make a haptic wearable for your wrist.
  • @Gamerein I cant get anything on that link...

  • Skim this thread.

    Wearables are a great place to start but they don’t have the intimacy of an implant. When you buy a wearable you own the device but when you implant it becomes a part of you.

    I have a couple magnetic rings and they’re cool. People love playing with them but they’re not the same. I have a magnet in my left hand and I could wear one of these rings on my right hand but I never do because they’re cumbersome. I highly recommend getting an NFC ring or a magnet ring and giving it a shot since they’re pretty inexpensive. If you find yourself craving an implant then you can decide how much it is worth.

  • My wedding band is actually an NFC ring. I am now debating on getting the implant in that hand and upgrading to a nicer ring.

    @mcstuff is absolutely right about it doesn't feel the same as an implant my right hand has the RFID. I don't know how to really describe that feeling.

    The site for the ring I got is

    They are very quick to respond and a good company. They are going to be releasing a payment ring with visa soon which I'm thinking about.

  • @Dr_Allcome There's a period on the end of the link. Take that out of the URL and it takes you to a page with the design

  • @katzevonstich Doh, mia culpa... I'll look more carefully next time. thnx
  • @Dr_Allcome

    You mean mea culpa?
  • NFC rings seem awesome!
  • @Gamerein Yes, yes I did.
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