Guitar and Magnet Implants?

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Hello everyone, I have known about magnet implants for some time now, but from what I had read previously it had seemed as if there were one or two guys doing it in a top secret laboratory somewhere in the North Pole. Turns out that couldn't be farther from the truth. So anyway, here's my dilemma:

I play guitar. When playing guitar, you don't usually use the pads of your fingers, rather the fronts of them- the parts you see when you point at yourself. I still think that playing guitar with a magnet in my finger is a good way to crack the magnet and have it become infected. Does anyone here play guitar and have a magnet implant? I did see that @thephackt got a wrist magnet implant. Maybe I could get something like that? That's seems like it would be harder to implant myself though.

Also, I'm only 14, so I'm not planning on getting the implant any time soon, at least not without parental consent. But hey, I've got four years to accumulate all the knowledge I need!


  • Most people here that play and have them simply say it caused discomfort and/or changed the way they play.

    People do have them here and play. There is also people doing parkour (free running) and hitting magnets with pots and pans ;)

    They take a beating and keep on going, from what I've heard.
  • I have two in my fretting hand (ring finger and thumb).  The thumb causes no problems.  The ring finger took a little bit getting used to but only for m7b5-type chords.  It was more like getting used to a pick that's a different size.  After a few minutes you make a minor adaptation and I no longer think about it.  I play mostly speed metal and chord melody jazz stuff. 

    If your fingers are super thin it might be different.
  • Alright, thanks. I was more concerned about having the magnet break inside my finger, but it seems like that's really a concern. Better mark my calendar for February 16, 2020 and get ready for magnet-fingers. :) Have a nice day guys.
  • I want to ask this now.... Could the callas (is that spelled right?) be good? It tougher and bends less.... I don't know for sure....
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     @JohnDoe I've only played for about a year but I already have calluses on all the fingers of my left hand. Where the calluses are I can't feel anything, but they're on the very tips of my fingers, not on the pads where the magnets would be implanted. I think if you had calluses on the pads of your fingers, right where the magnet goes, they would mess up some of the feeling in the nerves and reduce the amount of sensitivity you get from your magnets.
  • Hum that's a interesting thought let me know how that turns out
  • this seems like it may be a split hair, but are there any people here that play bass with magnets? i have a somewhat....enthusiastic playing style, which is rougher on the hands, and I've been concerned about crushing the implant. Granted, the last time I came within inches of getting an implant we were still using the silicone capsules that had a habit of splitting, so I may be too concerned about the fragility factor.
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