Bluetooth LE bone conductive implant.



  • The implant does work with a mic, and no update, I don't have funding to keep throwing at it sadly :/ I have a few prototypes that kinda work but nothing perfect and without the funding to make it real I just cant focus time on it. @Dr_Allcome
  • @Benbeezy understand, limited fund unlimited ideas... thnx.

  • What kinda parts do you need to source? People may not be able to throw money in, but they may have the parts on hand already or know a low-cost supplier :)
  • @BirdMAchine, on this one I am just working on the mechanical parts, or even thinking about bone mounting a portion of it. So I know that I need some bio-safe magnetic magnetic metals, and bone screws (like dental screw size).

    This one is more of a opportunity cost, so I am trying to get other implants going so that I can afford to spend time on this one. I am working on finding a local company to do flex boards for me for the 18led implant and I hope that, or the lovetron will help fun the more cutting edge ones like this.
  • Speaking of which, do you have anymore of those little transducers you were selling a few months ago? I never actually got to make anything with them because the wires just broke off on all three of them....
  • Awesome idea, I might see if I can make something to work off the arms of my glasses now that I see how its done. Implant would be awesome though.

  • @scruffy glasses would no doubt in my mind work, and they would be awesome to use. Those small ones I have might be able to fit without anyone even noticing that you have something there. At that point you just need to hide the bluetooth part of it

    @ChrisBot I do have some more if you want, and yeah those wires are super tiny and thin and easy to mess up once you start soldering with them or twisting them to other things.
  • @Benbeezy, how much would three or four more cost me?
  • Tricky little things to get your hands on. I would be keen on a couple if you still have them happy to pay postage to Australia
  • Hey @Benbeezy,

    any updates on the project?
    Are you still having no time to continue with it? I would totally love seing you get back to it and bring that awesome project to life! I have been dreaming of an implanted speaker since I read some SF book a few years ago, and was stunned when I saw that you were already building that thing.
    Just wanted to show my support for this and I hope that you'll fix the issues somehow!
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    imageIve got a couple of the larger ones to play with and a small bluetooth. Im not sure if yours a ouder but mine seems very quiet. Ive got no volume control on the unit and even hard wire to an old set of head phones its still a little quiet. Im about to order an amplifier chip and see if it helps

  • The link doesn't appear to work. Stop teasing us!
  • Sorry and thank you
  • That looks pretty cool! Have you tested battery life yet? 
  • My parts only arrived yesterday. battery is tiny and seemed to go quite quickly but I was in a rush and might not have gotten a full charge into it
  • it has about 7ish hours of life with the stock battery but its way easy to upgrade the battery. to something like double the size to get a full days worth. This system works out awesome but the issue is when you want to coat it. Also I have much smaller bone transducers if you want some for testing. They sound just about the same but like 1/3 the size. Also get a smaller QI charger coil if you decide that it's something you want implanted
  • Would definatly been keen on some smaller ones, these are bulky as
  • @scruffy you are welcome :D
  • @Benbeezy oh yah I forgot about those. I was going to buy some more off of you. All three of mine had the wires break off...
  • I dont know if anyone has mentioned it but this is very similar to a device my father almost got. He is nearly deaf in one ear since an ear infection so doctors recommended a baha. Its a type of hearing aid that is attached to a titanium stud in the skull behind the ear. It is built to pick up normal sounds but it may be close to what you are looking for.
  • saw this project on mtv's true life, really looking forward to seeing this work. i myself would find this a great implant addition to my wetware network.
  • @_Larry_ yes it is very close to the baha implants but those leave a port on the head open and thats just not a good idea to do. This would be completely sub-dermal. 
  • Hey Ben did you restart this at all? I just got no urge to tap my ear for a Bluetooth earpiece.
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