Icy hot tens

So I finally went out and bought a TENS from cvs. It's not quite what I remember but it does do its thing.

I was wondering if anyone has modified these at all to be a bit more effective. Mine only works when my elbow is in a 90degree angle and only works on my back when I hunch over. The main thing I'm wondering is can I have it just stay on and not pulsing.

I'm going to be running through the inter webs tonight looking at stuff but figured I'd through it out here since some of you are working on/with a few


  • Pulsing is part of what makes it effective. I suppose you could speed the pulse rate up, but you could get cramps from that.
  • I wasn't aware of that. I guess my memory of when I last used it isn't that good. I could have sworn that it didn't pulse when I had it on my leg 10 years ago.
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    As far as I can tell, Long term AC is safe. Long term DC is dangerous. (TENS is AC. If it's not pulsing, then it's DC) 
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