Magnet implants vs stun gun... Huh?

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So I ran across a link to this video today:

This does not seem possible.  I am assuming it is entirely bull.  That having been said, I don't recall seeing it brought up here before.



  • I have been tased plenty and can say that the magnet isn't making me immune.

  • Also, I have already seen a topic about this, with the same conclusions but I can't find it now
  • certainly bullshit from a physical point of view. *insertrandombullshitmeme.jpg*
  • @directorx... Morbid curiosity... Any reason you have been tazed multiple times? >____>

    And why would the magnet make someone immune? I can't even think of any argument for that that would make sense...

    Here's a question, what would a solid magnet lightning rod's properties be? :o
  • I vaguely remember a thread about this already. And I think @cassox said he would try it. ;)
  • yeah there was a thread and it was locked because of how retarded you would have to be to believe that a magnet implanted in you would give you immunity to being tazed.
  • I've inadvertently tried it. It turns out you can actually catch the electricity in a ball in your hands and throw it back at the person if you say the word hadoukan.
  • @cassox LoL!

    @aviin and no. the stun gun used there is not to be compared to a police x26 where the prongs actually go into your skin and the electricity completes a circuit

    lets see him willing get shot with that.. ahah...

    i dont have implants yet but ill tell you this, i got a 1.6M volt taser like that, and if you're expecting it, its not bad at all and the pain is only localized to a small area in that limb....
  • As someone who has electrocuted many people from this community, I can say that none of them seemed immune to electricity.
  • @glims "As someone who has electrocuted many people from this community, I can say that none of them seemed immune to electricity. "

    Only on the forum.
  • @zerbula I cant see the magnets effecting a persons experience with lightening as the magnets are small and don't conduct anywhere except to the other side of the magnet.

    Also they sit under the skin and the skin is the big resistance factor in lightening. In my teens I had my hand on the metal stair case of my parents house when it was struck... I don't remember the flash, I don't remember the bang, I don't remember how I got to a crumpled heap on the other side of the room... But I do remember all of my fingernails turning black the next day because the quick under the nail was the fastest way for current to get to my nice juicy conductive innards :)

    Now if you had an implant that breached the highly resistant skin... like a piercing... that may be a different story. 
  • holy shit i didn't know we had superheros on this thread  @Dr_Allcome 0.0 black lightning?
  • I heard a gene mutation that makes skin more conducive and in turn allows people to channel electricity through them, I feel like bringing up the subject here cause I read that in a YouTube video.... So yea greatest source ever.... Also could be relevant to Dr_Allcome, also do you still have your finger tips?
  • @Dragon5 no super power unfortunately but whatever doesn't kill you makes you stranger right?

    The stairs must have taken most of strike, I think the shock I got was not much worse than a dose of 240v house current, but without the 50-60hz vibration that you get with AC.

    @JohnDoe My fingers were fine but it took a month or so for the black to completely fade, people kept assuming I had painted my nails.
  • This entire this is BS as we have all come to the conclusion of. But it would be kinda cool to have a lightning rod of some kind put in to lesson the effects of a lightning strike, like a metal plate in your head that fead a wire down and info the ground (insulated for sure) it would not take away all of the power, but it might help draw it away from main organs (the heart and brain). I wouldn't really want it but if anyone else does they should do it and let me know how it goes
  • @Benbeezy Thats a great idea, but it wouldn't have to be internal... (remember a lot of current goes through it no matter how good a conductor it is it will heat up (a lot) and if that happened inside it might cause all kinds of mess.

    A conductive trace on the surface of the skin (down the back and out to each limb) would give the current a better path to travel and any burn/damage would be on the surface where it could be treated, might leave an interesting scar tho...

    The trace really only has to be more conductive than the insides to give the electricity a more appealing path.

    Perhaps a tattoo of carbon nanotubes?

    CNTs are highly biocompatible and highly conductive. 
  • Oh god. Im picturing this as resulting in not only are you cooked meat. .. but now you have a molten metal core.
  • Would I be able to send lightning out my fingers at people if I get hit?
  • @Meanderpaul, only if you can focus it through your crystals.
  • I'll have to take a few out of my rock but I think I can do it. I have some great mental focus. Maybe put the crystals into a ring?
  • Magical. Just...magical...
  • but with a metal core would you not be wolverine? Might be worth it hahah
  • @Cassox: I'm guessing that would make it extra well done? 

    To be fair, when you're cooked meat you're pretty much done for, molten metal or no.
  • May I point out that cooked human flesh smells repulsive? It isn't a pretty picture. *blehh* @IvoTheSquire @Cassox
  • honestly, i've found human flesh smells just like chicken flesh when you are burning off the feathers  before cutting out the organs... basically burnt hair
  • Yeah, that doesn't smell very good either. I used to burn so now the smell is old but still. *blehh* @Dragon5
  • I would think fiber optic like super conducters would be best suited for this.... Granted if you can pull that off you have earned the Nobel Prize that comes with....
  • Back to the original video, apparently electricity just doesnt affect some people:  skip to 6:30. Opposite reason to the one proposed by JohnDoe, this guy seems to have skin so dry that it barely conducts at all.
  • Tasers definitely do not effect every one the same just øike OC spray doesnt effect every one.
  • @JSpiggle

    Super Human Endurance Against High Electrical Cur…:

    You may want to watch this... :s
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