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As I've said in numerous threads, medical tape seems to be tolerated very poorly by my skin.  Leaving it in place longer than an hour or so causes contact dermatitis.  From what I've read, this stuff is supposedly made to be hypoallergenic.  I've tried multiple brands and they all cause it.

Does anyone else experience this?  Is there any particular brand that I might try that would be less likely to cause it?  Or is there some sort of pre-treatment I could put on my skin before the tape that might help?

It's frustrating to implant something and have the most irritating part of the healing process be the tape I use to hold the gauze in place.


  • I've never had any adverse reaction to it over time, though honestly I haven't gone like... Crazy overboard with it.

    The biggest issue that I myself have had with it is the irritation it causes from letting the skin move properly, chafing over time if left on too long, Etc.

    i don't want to suggest adding further complexity... But is there any kind of secondary skin you could layer on around the area as an anchor for the tape? i know you ask this question, but have you ever played around with things like Nuskin or liquid bandage? i mean, this might circumvent the problem in the first place, but maybe you could apply little puddles of it around and then tape onto that. Maybe. ^^
  • When my last RFID implant was healing, I used one of my carpal tunnel splints, just more loosely than normal.

    I assume you've already tried clear Scotch tape and Tender Tape. My niece reacts to adhesive too and TT has been the only thing that hasn't sucked for her. I keep clear Scotch tape in the kitchen when I need paper towel triage for my hands. Medical tape is usually too fussy to deal with one-handed and even the kind in the dispensers are a PITA. 

    Other than that, I have yet to find a medical tape that doesn't suck in general. Most of the adhesive in medical tape tears at my skin, but somehow isn't strong enough to hold up to a day's wear.
  • Or there's medical grade superglue....

    Or cauterization... Ok that was a joke. 

    (Though I did make a DIY electrocautery tool when I was 16 and working in a machine shop. I found injuries stayed clean and closed up better if I had a fuzed skin bandage, rather than tape or anything else... That said I do have scars all over my hands from the tool...)
  • Tape allergies aren't uncommon. See it all the time in the hospital. Have you tried other tapes? There are the main types. . Paper tape, pore tape, and silk tape. People usually don't respond to paper tape. The crap sold in stores idk about. I know they call it medical tape but I've never seen anyone use it for anything. Anyhow. . It's the adhesive that's getting you. Most people don't have a problem with paper tape. Also there are products you can put on the skin that help before you put on the tape. Also, you could try steristrips. Are you in the us? Paypal me some shipping money and I'll send you a pack of each. You could put them all on your arm to see if any work for you.
  • Can you guys give me an example of what you mean by medical tape? I mean I know there is weird shit sold in pharmacies under that name. .
  • Electrical tape? lol
  • I've used that more times then I can count. It actually works pretty well.
  • About electrical tape... Not my thing, but I know people who use it. I won't say impossible personally, I've seen it work...
  • I used gorilla glue and electrical on my RFID. (Had to go above and beyond even if it healed in a few days) I needed it to be closed and as dust proof and such because of my job.
  • I use blue painter's tape or masking tape when I'm in my lathe shop. There's always rolls of it and shop towels within reach. It doesn't hold that great on skin, but I mostly use it and the shop towels to stop bleeding or make a quick bandage so I can continue what I'm doing. Afterwards, I clean and bandage it properly. 

    I've only ever used duct tape when it was wrapped around something like a towel, same with auto tape. That stuff is just too harsh.

    Different but related, anyone have info on using Wound Seal on an implant incision/injection site? 
  • I personally haven't used wound seal but have used nuskin (new skin). That stuff doesn't work that well with me it ends up flaking off.
  • you should be able to use PTFE tape (plumbers tape) as it has no adhesives yet will stick to its self just fine. and PTFE is very safe for the body to be in contact with, although it won't "breath" at all unless you have a good amount of fluffy stuff under the tape.
  • Will personally vouch against teflon tape for... Reasons... >~<

    if it gets pulled tight and goes all 'Dental Floss' into the cut, it's horrible. I've had it happen the time i gave that a try... Not saying it was normal circumstances, but it really wasn't nice. >~<
  • I used teflon to tape up my plugs for stretching my ears and I liked it. but yes it you stretch it to much I guess it could cut you just as much as strong floss
  • it got skagged once. ;_;

    May retry knowing other people have success with it.  ^^
  • I use Loctite Profesional for most of my cuts.

    fuck yeah
  • I've ordered some paper tape and am very intrigued by the idea of trying plumbers tape.  Hmmm...  No immediate plans for my next implant, though, and I don't expect to be taping this one for much longer, so I don't know when I'll get to try the new tapes out.  It's good to have supplies on hand, though.  In fact, I ordered 30 more scalpels a couple days ago :)
  • @wvpinky19wv, I find the Loctite Ultra to be extremely effective. ^^
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