XnT unlock your car/do whatever you want with it



  • @posthuman i checked out their website and sparkfun carries them.
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    @meanderpaul Ah nice. I'll need to get to instruction sheet for one and maybe order it this week. Do you have the link?
  • I only briefly skimmed the thread, but I was thinking that maybe coming at this from a software side instead of a hardware side might be better.

    I know that there have been some efforts to make some open source hardware and software for you to interface with your car's OBD. I wouldn't doubt that you can unlock your doors through that interface.

    If could just hook an arduino to that then it might be a bit easier than splicing into your car's electronics



    EDIT: It seems as though OBD might only be used for diagnostics, can anybody clarify?
  • SparkFun has an OBD board, but I'm not sure if it's diagnostics only since I'm unfamiliar with electronics. I suspect it might be more than diagnostics simply because it makes little sense for SparkFun to put out a board that does the same thing as the much cheaper Amazon tools.
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  • @katzevonstich i think you are correct.

    @posthumanist I went on to try and locate that specific device on the website and couldn't find it. I think they just sell a diagnostic component like Kat said.
  • OBD is a diagnostic port, but given the right tools you can change the programming in the power train control module and or body module to a degree. By that, I mean you can only turn options on or off that are already programmed into the manufacturers software. You cannot add functionality that isn't already present.

    That is why I would go hardware instead of software. Easier for me to wire in components than rewrite code that most likely can't be rewritten anyhow.

    As for arduino, that's not something I've dealt with yet but I will do some studying. I've meant to get around to it. I'm not a very strong programmer though.
  • @PostHumanist, don't worry they make arduino stuff pretty simple. It is just a step or two above blinking an led, and the code should be okay too.

  • I am working towards this with arduino, Ive still got a little coding to learn. Im having issues getting info of the implant but that may be the reader Im using. I'll be ordering something different soon
  • ocean controls is about 10 minutes from my place I might pop in and have a look. see if I can get a better price on that button
  • Let me know what you end up using as a reader @Scruffy?

    Between our concerted efforts we may yet standardize the installation process for RFID entry systems
  • It's probably a good thing adding to a vehicle's program isn't so easy. Bricked phones are annoying enough. 

    I'm thinking if adding one of those RFID cylinders to our POS van just to see how well it does. The only downside is I'd like to keep the key lock as well for a backup.
  • I've got a few years of arduino behind me, I might be able to help to some degree. I've got a MRF something or other reader that uses SPI. Most of the comments for the code were written in chinese however so it only managed to decrypt it to some degree -___-
  • I have that issue too @chrisbot, I found a sketch that looks promising but all the instructions are in chinese
  • I ran it through a translator and if my memory serves, the majority of the code was for writing data, not reading it. It made it seem like the code was much more complicated. We're probably referring to the same sketch, it seems to be rather infamous.

    Only took a few minutes of bread I boarding and holding to get the add jnki to spit out the UID serial console
  • Sounds like it may be, I was hunting something that would operate a servo for my house door. I have a lathe and a mill so making hardware to suit my application isn't a big deal. Biggest issue I have is the RC522 I have conflicts with the library for the servo motor. that and I don't have enough know how to work with the output from the chip. I'm very beginner and need to find some more time to learn some more.
  • that was a lot of reading for me to catch up on haha. Update on where we use it, we managed to hot wire the motorcycle to turn on with a switch when the data lines are crossed. We have a relay on order that will make the final reader install a success. He will soon be able to start and stop his bike with the scan of his hand, OR even a scan of his phone.
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