Those damn elusive magnets...

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I have been driving myself nuts trying to find coated m31 or m36 magnets. I know in the coming weeks some new ones are supposed to be coming out, but I am pretty sure they are going to be more expensive and as a father of 5, don't have extra cash to play with. This will be my first modification and really don't want to waste a ton of cash on something that I might not like or possibly even reject. Does ANYONE know where I can buy one or have one they would sell (new only please... I saw that post on the used one for sale and yeah, no).


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    There are a couple other people here working on getting some more tested and available, I believe the current expected availability is around 6 weeks, pricing mentioned was in the area of $40-$50 per magnet (excluding shipping). I'm sure it'll come up here the day they're available, until then, keep lurking about. Someone will likely mention something more specific as we get closer.

    As a side note, it's definitely worth buying as many as you think you may want, assuming you can afford to, since they're likely to become unavailable again fairly rapidly. I intend to do so myself so... Good luck.
  • Thanks Jupiter. I only want one (for now). The blood diamond magnets sound awesome, but probably cost $100 and still aren't available, but as soon as there is an available option I will be grabbing one. Hopefully they will pop up in the next few weeks like I have been hearing.
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