Implanted or perhaps just unobtrusive ear-speaker/earbud?

If I may start a discussion that is probably far beyond me, one of my happy dreams would be to have a permanent or semi-permanent earpiece/earpieces that I can link to an external source such as a smartphone, from which I can access a library of audio files, such as for looking things up on the fly.

Has anyone thought of this?


  • bit like skull-based speakers? altho possible, they would drain up your energy source pretty fast. and if you wire it up to supply it with power, you can pretty much get one of those bone-speakers in first place. it is possible, but atm not very useful.

    alternatively you could get a cochlear ear implant, but the quality of those is nowhere near your regular hearing ability, so that one is out of question until they dramatically improve.
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    Ahm, hm, well at the moment my only need is for audio lookup, such as perhaps an audiobook encyclopedia for the blind. Anything in my mind is better than nothing here. The reason I am looking at implanting or hiding is for personal reasons and preference... But regardless the point is I am pretty much research-obsessed. The only needed function is being able to make out words, audio quality beyond that being a luxury.

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    Addendum: there's also the immense cool factor to me. Again, not needing to listen to music and only to a dude (or woman) reading off a script of a thing that is being defined, having anything implanted up there that would serve the function would be good enough for me. If it comes down to it I might just tape an earbud behind my ear and hide the wire in my hair. After all, the point of this community is practicality right?
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  •  This would be possible with a microbial fuel cell, much like the one recently implanted in the snail correct? 
  • Something linked with a device like the HELEDD that Grindhouse is working on might be cool? Combine your touch and sight, or have a sole device for hearing and extend the range of your ears. If you can already hear fine, a cochlear ear implant could be tuned for a single purpose of extending your range above 20 kHz.
  • Forgive my ignorance on microbial fuel cells but would it be possible to have one powered off of the bacteria in your saliva? Something like that could simply be attached to a pair of dental braces and use inductive charging.
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