Martial Arts with Magnetic Implants

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 I have been looking into getting the implant for a while now, and am planing to get one done by a piercer in NY pretty soon. I was wondering if any of you do any kind of Martial arts and if so, did the magnet effect it in anyway. I know it would not likely have an effect in something like boxing, but perhaps BJJ or something with a lot of grabbing and heavy push/pull force it could irritate the tips of your fingers, or perhaps even damage the magnets coating.  I feel like its highly unlikely to have a any effect in MMA, but I  just want to make sure.


  • I've been doing parkour for about 2 years now, and that is really the only thing keeping me from getting a magnet ....
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    Hello, Welcome to the community. 

    First thing you should know is that I don't have the implant yet. Beside that though I do MMA, and my style gets away from the usual BJJ/Muay Thai/Kickboxers. Instead I focus more on TKD, Wing Chung, Aikido, and a little Judo for ground work. Going back to the implant, others in the community have reported being able to do heavy lifting and rock climbing. I doubt differences in our styles will really change the amount of force on the implant. I've done some testing on my hands before I get the implant and the only thing I've found to be a large concern is brick breaking. 
  •  I don't do any brick breaking, mostly bag work. It seems like it will be fine then, thanks Jack.
  • Just watch out for heavy bags filled with sand or a filler like it. You do a lot of open hand strikes in Wing Chun and if the sand has settled it could spell some bad news. I'm not sure if you do something similar in BJJ.
  • Yeah, I was more worried about defending in guard, especially against a striking opponent. More I think about it the less I am worried.
  • You won't have any problems striking. Finger jabs might be an issue, but I can't think of an appropriate time to use those in an MMA event. You will want to be a little bit careful during any grapple that involves gripping an opponent's uniform (happens a lot in BJJ & Judo). You might be unable to train for the first 3 weeks while it heals. I practice Bak Mei kung Fu. It has a lot of seizing/claw grips. I usually don't have issues, but my implant is on my ring finger and I find that my thumb, middle, and pointer fingers do most of the work in those moves. I might have problems if it was on any of my other fingers though.
  • Alright I was looking at getting mine in my ring finger as well, I train no Gi so we don't really work gabbing shirts or anything. It looks like this will be all good. I should have my implant by the end of the year,
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