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All engines go on our wiki: Please familiarize yourself with Oddmuse, our wiki software.


  • Is there a way to start new topics?
  • @DirectorX:  On the wiki?  The way I've been doing it is to create a link on the front page that points to a nonexistent page, and then it creates that page for you.

  • I've added a "Body Modifications and Bio-Hacking" and a "Grinder Resource Library" section. You can look at the description I added to see what they're for.  

    I've also Combined General and Local Anesthetics onto a single page "Anesthetics" with Local and General inside of it to cut down clutter. 

  • Also can somebody fix the wiki page's logo? When you click it, it doesn't take you back to the home page of the wiki. A minor issue but drives me crazy for some reason.
  • One last post I promise. Does anybody else want a discussion page on the wiki? We could discuss edits before people like me come in and start moving everything about. I don't want to be too intrusive and clutter up this page while I'm at it. 
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    @Jackthetripper Thanks for your efforts! 

    I've forwarded your request to redirect the Sigil to our crack webmaster, @phryk. He's reachable at phryk AT biohack DOT me.

    Commenting your edits should be more than sufficient while we await steam-engine-time. When a discussion page is needed, I expect it to spontaneously emerge.

  • Noticing that one of the new pages on the wiki is a subsection, how about putting subsections in a different section of the page, or on the other side of a divider?  Yeah, I could probably do that myself, but I don't want to do anything that drastic without getting an okay.
  • @oblique Please send on requests for features to either of our expert webmasters, @mydnight at mydnight AT biohack DOT me or @pryk at phryk AT biohack DOT me, respectively.
  • @oblique: Change has been applied
  • cool thanks
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