Just got my magnets! :D

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Long time lurker, just wanted to say last Wednesday (May the Fourth) I got my magnets, I got one implanted in each of my ring fingers, as per general bits of advice n such I saw floating around on these boards.

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who's posted and helped me in my research!

I got mine done by the wonderful Quentin and Rosie at the Kalima Emporium in Worthing UK (Traveled all the way from Bristol as I couldn't find anywhere closer)

Currently healing up a treat, but I get all giddy and excited whenever I find a good field and give it a stroke. Microwaves, Stoves and the Pinball table at a nearby bar all kick off a goodly field. 

Also, gosh, I'm a little jealous of anyone in the States who has Anesthetic to hand, UK studios I don't think are allowed anesthetics. and it was possibly the most intense pain I've ever had in my life. But it kinda makes me feel like I earned it and reminds me the path to progress and self improvement isn't an easy one.

Anyway, big love to all of you!



  • Hi. Quentin did my xNT about a year ago. A really nice guy. Although I bet if he could use anaesthetic he still wouldn't.

    I'm kinda tempted by a magnet. Do you know which ones he uses?
  • Their site mentions a "homeopathic combination" that they use for aftercare - that sets alarm bells ringing for me.
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