First dr visit in years

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Saw my first dr in many a moon today. Gave a full DL on my self and spoke about this site and my future plans. I'm pretty sure she believes I'm slightly crazy but at least listened. Told her to take a look at the site so maybe she will see some of the things going on.


  • hi nice to meet you :-) what are your future plans? I doubt real doctors come to this site. Im pretty sure doctors see biohacking as too fringe. I have met many doctors and tyey are extremely conservative. Also I have yet to meet a doctor without a god complex. I mean what is their problem, they are just doctors...ask them about civil engineering and they know nothing. I really dont understand why they think they know everything though, lol. i cant stand tge way they look down on patients. some patients are smarter then the doctors.
  • Why hello there. I have been following your thread.

    My future plans are for me to have a magnet in each ring finger, an NFC in my right hand webbing (gonna put my medical history on it if I can fit it because of my far an few between dr visits), I like the idea of a chip in my arm for my bit coin wallet id, I have a tattoo on my arm that's in need of a couple fireflies from alexsmith, I'm trying to pick out some nootropics to try out this summer, this is just a hand full of things I'm going to try and accomplish.

    You would be surprised at how many people are Drs that don't have any issue. There are a few that have soon up here that claim to be them and there are a few that work with them here. I think the problem is its 1)I'm east coast USA (we tend to be more stuck up in terms of fringe culture) 2) they don't encounter/learn about it.

    There also seems to be a miss trust of people conducting what appears to be medical type things without the degree. I take issue with people who are game wardens but know nothing of wildlife but they can ticket and arrest me.
  • We all see people that are not "qualified" and hold them in a bad light.
  • My wife's a doctor (GP). She even does things like contraceptive implants which go under the skin in the upper arm.

    I asked her to implant my xNT but she wouldn't. She didn't have any medical objection. She just said if I wanted something stupid and geeky then I've have to get it done myself. So I did.
  • Haha thats what mine said after she did my first one. Mine was a vet tech. She did chips in dogs and she refers to me as a lab so its fitting.
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