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  • Ok, I've been doing a bunch of research today (when I should have been working...) but the short version is: I think I can get my hands on small enough LiFePo4 batteries to be implanted.

    It will cost me several thousand dollars, but being able to build implantable devices with a rechargeable battery would open up so many possibilities that I think it's worth it.

    But before I spend lot of money on it, I want other people's opinions. Are LiFePo4 batteries safe enough to implant? They are much safer than other types of Lithium batteries, but are they good enough?
  • I feel like @chironex would be best to answer that. With all that said what size of an implant are we now talking about if there is ble and batteries involved?

    Are we talking benbeezy size ble headset or northstar, circadia?
  • So they are "technically" safer, but the problem is the electrolyte. Almost every cell use some pretty nasty organics. One used a hexaflouro compound which I beleive degrades on contact with water to give hydroflouric acid and some other crap. So that's where the biggest problem lies. Also lithium compounds don't play nice with biology, but it could be worse. Lease they're not using cobalt. Personally, I dont like them. however, compared to the rest of the lithium family, they're not AS bad. 

    As to the farads, while I call it a "supercap", a more accurate term is energy storage device. It doesn't just work using capacitance, it stores energy through a variety of mechanisms not just capacitance or pseudocapacitance, so it's closer to a battery. So the number of farads, isn't actually indicative of the power. Also I'm making it charge itself so if you leave it alone it'll trickle charge back up to full. That said, I'll be making some new ones in the next few days and I'll be sure to get proper measurements so I can give you a more concrete value. At the moment I've been measuring it based on what it can do. So what voltage it likes to sit at, and how long it can do work as that's more useful information to me at this time. The goal is to have it at 40-50mAh, 2cmX4cm and 2mm thick by june, but that'll depend on if my shit shows up in the mail. 
  • The central hub idea is basically what i'm building with my CyborgNet protocol.
  • chironex that's still not as good energy density as a battery, but it's good enough to be useful. If you can supply something in the 10-20mAh range in a 2x20x20mm form factor, I'll buy them off you.
  • I said that was the goal for june XD Once I get to that point I'll keep pushing it. I wanna double that within a year. I've got a few people interested already and am looking into distribution and such once they're ready. I can probably make something that size. I'll keep ya posted as I progress
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