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  • Has anyone considered how... many people might not enjoy this? This sounds like another "Jackass"...

    @JohnDoe What do you mean, why does it need to be said?  You're on a message board where, evidently, people have been casually talking about shooting and incapacitating each other in the desert. I'm pretty sure that bio and chem were mentioned in the slack board. You yourself are leaning towards fire. I mean, we've gone this whole time without anyone losing a finger and now you guys want to have an event where you are digging drop traps and shooting each other? 

    Also, sorry to be that guy, but how did you guys decide GF3 was going to be war themed? I know that people get really excited about the body armor and @DirectorX has that taser thing he's been working on... but, really?
    The theme of the next Grindfest is violence and torture? I'm not getting it...

  • Hi I'm Anthony. I'm new here and completely committed to being a cyborg. For now I just have ideas. Here's some:

    Maybe this could be an after party? Cuz I agree this would be incredible and I guarantee major advancements in GrinderTech would be made as a result of planning this, however, I also feel like it should have a more welcoming aura for those new to the world of Bio-Hacking. I'd suggest advertising an all ages GF3 and there could be a quiet buzz of this badass event going down afterwards. It could be very Bond, professional, classy, informative, and we use the war-field to unleash our creativity on the bio-hackers that dare to step foot into the night of chaos. A death waiver would be apropos. :)

    As far as rules I have an idea for that too: Normal paintball tourney rules but you can use your BioTech and nothing else? As far as I'm aware there isn't anything that offers a really good advantage yet but I bet most of you reading this have already started trying to design something that gives you an advantage that could fit within those guidelines. And if you're not I wouldn't suggest signing that death waiver. Cuz as soon as I get some magnets in me I'll be designing some real Ironman shit! 

    In a worst case scenario I foresee a really big paintball tourney(fun!) with some really awesome but failed attempts at new hacks(classic progress). If they don't fail we need a community held youtube channel to funnel views through so we can fund the growth of this community. 
  • @glims I do believe you have a good point. But I also believe that most here where or joking or just throwing idea around. And all too , base on they'e personal experience that didn't want to to cause damage. And the post moved the conversation a little to the extra. 
    And I agree the  theme" The theme of the next Grindfest is violence and torture " has little sense and it might be a problem and it will very likely bring the worst out of people and someone will get hurt or damage will be done. Maybe a re-look to the idea and to put NOW clear limitation. I mean there can be a paintball game. We can just make sure we are all going to stay friends after. 
  • I'm usually pretty bad at picking up on it, but I think some of this might have been satire...

    Then again, I'm not sure. ^^ I for one wouldn't be able to participate even if I wanted to (will be in Canada), but even so, with the ground rules being so loose, I'd probably shy out unless they were made more concise.
  • Hopefully once I start my job I'll be able to participate in one (probably gf4) be able to join you guys. By the way I brew beer so I don't travel without some party favors.

    And @glims as someone who's been sprayed by OC I would only wish it on my enemies. As of now none of you are enemies ;). I too believe most of if not all was in joking although these were some crazy ideas.

    So @cassox regular old PB rules as in paint grenades, PB guns (set at reasonable pretty determined pressure), possibly (I'd say yes) allow night vision and what ever armor you so chose go for it (remember this is PB).

    I'd hate to only be able to go after something happens and it's canceled.
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    My point was no bio weapons (or weapons in general) that would last longer than a few hours at the most after the match, I felt like that should be said, but under normal circumstances would you worry about someone releasing a homemade super bug in a extremely aggressive (kinda) paint ball match? I mean let's not kid ourselves this escalated quickly....
  • If we are going to hold people to not talking nonsense in other areas, then we do it regularly. Someone says fungal supercomputer human hybrid and everyone is up in arms. Someone says torture and warfare and everyone just... joins in on the party? The problem isn't the theme, it's how easily everyone accepted it. I mean, I'm a huge fan of plague events, like any normal guy...

    Tag it as satire or get everyone on board. But since this was mentioned on Slack, let's just make sure everyone is on the same page, k? Not all of us were at the party. Remember that the net makes communication... complex.
  • I feel an idiot to notice it now. But the full theme of GF3 is violence and torture. I erroneously supposed that that was the theme for the paintball game. So what the talks are going to be about?  And the discussions? and Forums? 

  • Glims. As you know, you aren't involved in this. You aren't invited and your opinions regarding this are irrelevant. You have no say in its planning. So leave it be.
  • The emphasis of this event is grinding. I look forward to seeing some creative weapons on the field. The emphasis is not on causing damage to others, so things like frozen paintballs isn't going to happen. Basically, you should be willing to be hit with your own weapon.
  • Sorry @Cassox but I'm afraid you are going to simple with this. You "look forward to seeing some creative weapons on the field. The emphasis is not on causing damage to others"? It look to me just a contraption. A weapon is a took forcibly stop the action of an individual. A stick can be a weapon , and you might not sfing hard to do damage but accidents happen when you are focus on winning, tired , or excited. 

    And "Basically, you should be willing to be hit with your own weapon." Basically if you are willing to be tased you gain the right to be tased . if you are willing to vomit due to homemade stink bomb you have the right to make other vomit? If you are willing to be kicked in the balls you have the right to kick in the balls? Pain and suffering ae personal , due to body type and personal experience. Some on this list may have happened to you or be part of you community ways of dealing in life, that doesn't mean you can suppose others to have the same reaction. In this discussion frozen paintballs are not the worst you can bring to the party. And maybe not all of it is a joke or satire. 

  • More importantly: "the theme of the next GF is going to be something along the lines of violence and torture" ( first post you made) BUT "The emphasis of this event is grinding," This looks again as a linguistic contraption.

    This is the definition of theme :
    a subject of discourse, discussion, meditation, or composition; topic:
    The need for world peace was the theme of the meeting.
    a unifying or dominant idea, motif, etc., as in a work of art.
    a short, informal essay, especially a school composition.
    a principal melodic subject in a musical composition.
    a short melodic subject from which variations are developed.
    Grammar. the element common to all or most of the forms of aninflectional paradigm, often consisting of a root with certain formativeelements or modifications.
    Compare stem1(def 16).

    This is the definition of emphasis is:
    B2 to show that something is very ​important or ​worthgiving ​attention to:  

    This meant the GF3 is about what grinding can do in violence and torture? or what? Can you be a little more clear?

    But you are right I'm not someone that can decide, and I'm not invited. And this is my last post on the subject. I leave all to the people that will go and play. I just wanted to emphasise the possible danger that can appear and that does't seam to be a problem. 

    For all I wish good luck and have a good game. 
  • ya..... this whole things is getting really out of hand. like paintball in the desert sounds fine and good but the whole weapon thing is kinda fucked. I posted some stink bombs cause they're harmless but i'd be going precisely no where near this if someones bringing mace and a flash bang. On my list of things I never want to enjoy, being maced in the desert is up there. If this means I'm not going to be invited to the cool kids party, fine, but honestly, I'd rather spend my time in the lab making new tech than wasting my effort on weapons. If I wants to make weapons I'd go work for the military. Also, why the hell is the theme violence? we've only barley surpassed sticking ourselves with magnets and we want to skip to violence? how about we make a dank exosuit or some nice cybernetic limbs before we skip to hurting eachother? I dunno this whole thing is getting weird (which is saying something since we're grinders ffs)
  • No Kuroro86, that remark was specific to Glims although the delve into semantics isn't needed. The theme is "violence and torture" as it relates to grinding in an entirely apolitical and non-violence condoning way.

    Here's the thing. We have plenty of ways to hurt each other. That isn't really the point. If someone want to make some really bad-ass weapon to blow off in the desert as a demonstration that's cool. However, in terms of how this should be approached is as a grinder challenge. For example, picture a version of the Northstar with gesture control for a drone. Or imagine a group with Benbeezy implants getting information from a slew of sensor and functioning as an attack group. Imagine if one side had the ability to see in the dark while others could not. This is the type of stuff I'm looking to foster.

    It's meant to be fun and increase collaboration across the community. Of course people get excited and joke around but do you really think people are intending to shoot each other with marbles and shit? Or that it's going to be so loosely planned that this would be allowed? Much less that someone is going to manufacture some gas banned by Geneva to gas their friends? C'mon. It's obvious people are just looking to criticize here.

    It's the same with the torture thing. This isn't condoning torture. While I'm sure some people are going to take it pretty far.. it's an exploration of the subject and a number of people are already discussing presentations regarding solutions to the causes of wars, violence, etc. and suggestions regarding projects the community could take part in.

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  • This thread is War signup for an event taking place next year. People are brainstorming wildly -- as creative, DIY folk would and should. Ground rules and commonsense will be used.

    The theme is undecided but "something along the lines of violence and torture." I'm leaning towards "Nature of Man" or "Ethics". As we build better tech and selves we have to acknowledge that it won't be used just for the common good and world peace. Not to mention as people add senses and try to be a "better human" they may find themselves falling into a "different is better" trap. 

    Grindfest is for grinding out projects and helping each other accomplish goals. The themes help add some fun and conversation. Not every theme is sunshine and rainbows, because life isn't. Paintball and other things like sports are sometimes talked about as outlets for the aggressive nature of humans and yet many people think it's fun. Let's talk about that. We are building better humans? At Grindfest I'd love to see conversations about that aggressive nature and how it might be harnessed for better grinding, better (worse) wars., etc For those who feel talking about that kind of stuff is the actual torture, veer to the grinding fun and paintball war. 
  • "but do you really think people are intending to shoot each other with marbles and shit? Or that it's going to be so loosely planned that this would be allowed? Much less that someone is going to manufacture some gas banned by Geneva to gas their friends?"

    All evidence on this site indicates those are completely reasonable concerns to have, and I don't see any reason for reprimanding Glims for pointing out said valid concerns. Satire or not, people should think a little more carefully about what they're posting in the public-facing discussion on such a topic, as it sits this thread reads like a bunch of ambulance rides and prison sentences just waiting to happen.
  • I think it might be a good idea to make another thread for dialogue on the whole war/torture issue. It's a real problem. Pain and violence are a part of everyday life. So, since we're making better humans, why not ask ourselves how we can exploit it to our advantage, or mitigate it in the event that nothing good can come of it? 
  • Anyone here watch agents of shield? last night they featured a semi-underground group of transhumanists. They had all sort of mods, crazy implants, gene mods, cybernetics. one guy had genetically modified his eyes to be part bird. I bring this up because that's where I feel we should be aiming. All these thing seem like they'd be more well suited for a stealth game rather than one focused on violence. Implanted communication, night vision eye drops, southpaw. maybe some electroactive glass glasses to shade your eye if you're transitioning to a brighter area. build a whole exosuit if you feel the need. quadcopters for surveilance. This sort of stuff sound like a more productive use of our time then yet more weapons. 

    When I was a kid going to camp we used to play this game where at around 1 in the morning we'd all get in our best "camo" (see: dark clothes) and we'd go out to this big field of tall grass, probably 200m long, 50m wide. The councilors would be hidden throughout the field and then 1 at the far end with a glow stick not hidding. The aim of the game was to get to the glow stick. If they see you crawling through the grass, they shine a light on you and you've got to go back to the start. But that turned out to be nearly impossible so we made it so that they can't just see you, they must get within 5 feet, so that if you can outrun them, you still can win. It was really fun and it seems like something we could adapt to test our grinding limits. adjust for the terrain, and such. if we're using quad copters to spy on the enemy team, feel free to make anti copter nets to keep it even. then no one gets hurt and we can still learn and have fun. thoughts?
  • I used to play a lot of midnight capture the flag as a kid, and we always focused on stealth and mobility over heavy fortification. Built my first set of NVG for that when I was 13. Good times.
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    I like the way everyone thinks here. Y'all are just like me! Does anyone have experience actively being in front of the public? Does anyone here have experience in marketing, advertising, branding, etc...? I believe this kind of open discussion is great however, I have been a part of these kinds of events before and to run them effectively there needs to be an inviting feel. It would be best to advertise it as a CES for grinders. And if this is planned for a year out we don't have a long time to advertise. I assume it will all be organic advertising and not paid.

    Maybe electing 3-5 people we trust enough could be the ones to make the final decisions.
    If we delegated responsibility to a few people we could have an individual thread for all aspects of this endeavor.

    Probably need someone over

    Location and licensing
    How big do we want this to be? Do we have a place? What licenses do we need? Can we presale tickets for funding?
    Sponsorship acquisition
    Who and what products could we say we love to use? I would call all of their companies and pitch a sponsorship
    Marketing and advertising
    Organic reach is feasible with our time frame.
    Activity and talent scheduling
    If we invite themed artists and performers to attend free they usually bring a couple paying friends.

    I think I could afford the time to help do this right. My qualifications aren't overwhelming but I've dabbled in a lot of this kind of stuff. I ran local parkour competitions here in Utah for over a year. I'm a professional salesman so I can probably wizard up some good sponsorships for the event.

    @2bar has access to a LOT of attention which is great for advertising. Can anyone make a sick 2 or 3 min video showcasing the Badassery that is bio-hacking?

    Where's the event being held and have all legal requirements been met to ensure the safety of the attendees?

    And if my ideas on what this was going to be are completely off base just ignore me. :)
  • This thing I can address. Please read through this thread and the previous GrindFest threads to answer a significant number of your questions.

  • Ninjah. You know, I've had this discussion with a few people now. I'd say I'm looking to have it be something in the middle. There are already some really cool events involving Grinders but also appealing to the general populace. For example, I heard that the Austin event was pretty awesome. Also, Alex from Cyberise runs the Biohack village at Def Con. These things are much much larger than Grindfest and have a totally different intent.

    So a big event like your talking about is essentially Grinders presenting what they're doing to other people. It's a reach out from our community to society at large. This is cool. It's important for a number of reasons. It's not however what we're doing at Grindfest. Although we've had in the past a number of camera crews etc. I think it actually detracts from the experience. The point of Grindfest is to get a bunch of people together to actually work on projects, discuss projects they've done amongst peer, and essentially to bond doing stupid shit.

    This doesn't mean I'm not interested in your offer to assist but really, I'm not looking to turn this into a convention. It's great when people who are new to Grinding show up. It's cool to see how they go from lurkers to active posters and get involved. But Grindfest isn't intended as an outreach to those outside the community.
    If it organically grows into something that necessitates a regimented approach like this, I won't fight it. But if it remains a house party of like 30 grinders drinking Bourbon in a garage and snorting caffeine I'm cool with that too. Some of the stuff you've discussed would make it better. Sponsors? Money is nice, sure. But once you start down that path it changes a lot. Next thing you know we start having panel discussion between blowhards talking about the ethics of cognitive enhancers.
    I hold Grindfest because I want to hear what Ben has to say. I want to hear Helyxs opinion and input. I want to listen to Rich's latest stories. I want to laugh at Birds non-chalance at being filleted. I want to stand back and gaze with awe at Cyberlasses absolutely imperviousness to any intoxicant. I want to bum smokes off of Steven and Tim Cannon and chain smoke them. Grindfest really is a fantastic time, but I'm not sure if it can really be converted into a large serious event without losing what makes it worthwhile.

  • Fest and convention are really two different kinds of things. Fest is more of an intimate gathering. With some themes, and fun things to do.
  • I have seen som big fests, but yea small nitch community's like this tend to have small but interesting gatherings.
  • I misunderstood. Right on. That sounds like a blast. Sorry 'bout my idea dump. I was reeeeeeally not sober when I wrote that. I'd love to chill with y'all like that.
  • I do think that a Manhunt style game would be more fitting and less risky.
  • wow, i dont think ive ever seen so much drama on here ever. XD I am def. excited by the whole midnight capture the flag/manhunt thing. We could just find some random field and play till we fall asleep in our cars or something. Or even a quiet neighborhood and get sneaky. (i might bring some strong ass magnet just to fuck with you all because i dont have any implants yet *evil laugh*)
  • There's one that's not been derailed.... You should read that one first....
  • Which one is that? @JohnDoe
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