Reducing Migration

So... In all our experience shoving things into our bodies and hoping they stay put, have we found any methods or techniques to use in healing to prevent migration?

Just curious to see if anyone has really looked into this. I'm looking to get an implant that has to be as centered as possible pretty soon and have had migration on my mind a lot....

Also I'm not really looking for a "just add bio-bond" response... I value being able to just pop these things out without having to remove part of my face....


  • Just reading over the procedures for implanting RFID via injector, it says something about proper procedure having impact on the possibility of movement.  

    So naturally I would tie into suggesting that the procedure itself could have a fair amount to do with movement,. The messier and more sloppy the process goes, the more potential movement. >~<

    Out of curiosity, are you referring to this for Firefly?
  • Yeah, I imagine if you aren't careful when implanting and cause excess trauma it would have a tendency to migrate more.

    And yes. I am referring to the firefly. I am looking to implant it on my forehead, 1/2-1" above my nose. Obviously I would want it as centered as possible.
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    you could look at coating it in Polydioxanone (the stuff absorbable sutures are made from), that way it would dissolve after a few weeks, which might be enough to let it heal in the correct place.

    Another option might be to use sports tape to try to hold it in place while healing. I.e. apply pressure around the implant so it can't move for the first few weeks.
  • Not sure if this is the best solution but it is one solution ... I think @benbeezy had a donut-shaped magnet that healed through the hole and kept it in place. 
  • This is an answer, @proteus, but not for this application, or for any glass-capsule implants. >~< On that note, I think this trick works really well.

    Atm I'm entertaining ideas in my head on three fronts:

    One: the original question...

    Two: How close/far can these be implanted from other implants, and how close could multiple be put together could these be spaced say 5-10 mm apart parallel? At once? Ideally not touching... But how close can they get?

    Three: Other than the obvious issues... Could these be put in the cheeks, neck, ears, ETC. provided all the appropriate convention of enough space being present and not hitting arteries or joints go?

    I'm wondering about application of kinetic tape to reduce movement... Would it be possible to physically 'seat' implants using blunt needles at angles to push it into perfect position as it heals? Or scar tissue nightmare?

    Pardon stupid questions. ^^'
  • Ah yes, I didn't really finish my thought there.  Maybe it'd be possible to add a donut-shaped thing to the glass capsule.  It could probably be pretty small.  Again, this is still probably not a great solution, but maybe someone else can make it feasible?
  • Would fibrin glue solve the problem?
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