Where should I start?

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I'm really new into that things of biohacking and else. I'm interested about aesthetical biomods, but I don't have any base of knowledge and I'm starting to do research about that stuff.
I'm just at the first year of High School, so what do you guys recommend to me to have a base of study and research?

[I'm brazilian, so would be helpful if you give me tips about english errors]


  • Welcome in :D

    In any case no matter what, please refrain from doing anything such as cutting yourself open, I don't think any good-willed adult here will endorse a minor preforming self surgery, or anything of the like that. Don't play with Nootropics or chemicals yet, either. It will mess you up in the long run starting too early. 

    This being said, You have your capacity to make your own choices, and nobody should tell you "You cannot succeed because of your age". This being said, many people with much more experience still fail. If you are going to choose to, AT LEAST do everything to the proper standards of perfection.  ^^

    With this being said... Read everything. Read all the things. Ask questions. and more reading and studying. You want to know everything you can before you explore, to know how the systems you are looking to modify or improve. You cannot fix/improve what you cannot understand (except by chance, but please don't chance your body x-x).

    Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and other science classes are up on the list of things to study. Psychology may certainly be useful as well, and some mathematics for foundations and ability to solve formulas does not hurt. 

    And don't worry, your english is readable. With time and practice, it will improve. ^^ 
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    Read the wiki and don't hesitate to ask questions. Also if your unable to find the correct English word put down a Spanish one.(assuming you speak spanish) also your English is fine by my standards which basically means that it can be read (or my English is really bad which is more then likely true ;))

    At any rate Hola y bienvenedo.

    Also I am very bad at spanish that's pretty much all I know

    Edit: I feel like an ass. It was brought to my attention that in Brazil it is not Spanish. I apologize. I'm not gonna hide my screw up I just want to apologize for any offense.
  • Thankyou guys. I'm not crazy to do a self-surgery (just in a far far future). I'm beginning to study and take notes of some nootropics, but I don't want to make it so soon. There are many things of Chemistry, Biology and Psychology that I never heard about, so I'll be keeping studying and studying more.

    And Meanderpaul, don't worry. People oftenly miss Brazil's official language [Portuguese]. It's not offensive (to me), but some people can get very angry due that mistake. By the way, Portuguese and Spanish have some similar words, so can be readable.
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