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As a transhumanist/biohacker I've always identified with the Cyberpunk culture , maybe it's Cyberpunk that first sparked my interest in transhumanism/biohacking . Anyhow I was more than pleased to find some pretty great examples of Cyberpunk humor at . Here's a very William Gibsonesque article about a little by who died and went to "Techno Heaven" , and an article that's a nod to Phillip K. Dick and at the same time a parody of the Manchester punk scene as depicted in "24 Hour Party People" (I think...) entitled "24 Hour Partybots"  . Enjoy :)


  • Transhumanism is a way of life more than just a philosophy- here's a light look at "How to Become Immortal" through gene editing. It's great to explore the limits of life extension and the wonders of death reversal.
  • That link does not exist anymore. Reddit link works, but the article is missing.

    I think this conversation comes up a bit here. Some people might say that Bodyhacking and Grinding are what you get if you try to have transhumanism as a way a life. Even then, it's introductory stuff. There are no humans yet that are no longer quite human yet. In that regard, Transhumanism is still a philosophy. One can be attempting to become transhuman, but we are not yet that thing. Unless I'm missing something here.
  • I agree with glims while we are always moving forward with this, (excluding wareables) no one is more than 1% machine at any given time, that includes the most extreme implants we have ever made here.
  • We are getting to the point at which humans will be able to better integrate with machines (nerve mounted prosthetics), but we aren't at a point were we can even consider going beyond that yet. Until we have better knowledge of coatings, materials and transdermals we won't be able to go further.
  • Hmmmm. So that's a no, on the issue of transhumanist humor?
  • Well I dont know about you guys but this sounds a lot like cyborg-yness and most SciFi whatever I could get my hands on always depicts Cyborgs ending poorly. I dont want to be a TRANShuman just an IMPROVED human. I dont want to be dominated by the tech but to control it. But then maybe I'm missing the point here? Anyways, Im up for some humor. Im not one to get offended at being poked at either because I know how this looks to everyone else. And I'm not going to deny a good laugh. :P
  • Yeah wow, I totally didn't even notice, but we went straight for the heavy conversation without passing go one bit. Geez us, lighten up.

    By the way, has you guys read Doktor Sleepless? It's the comic book that first coined the term Grinders (we just borrowed it ;)  It's fun, in a dark apocalyptic humour kind of way. It's by Warren Ellis, the same guy who did Transmetropolitan (also cybepunky transhuman and hilarious)...
  • Hey we don't wast time, ironic but we don't....(read Jan's post at top)
  • Girl genius - it's steampunk themed but there are a lot of transhuman/biohacker/cyborg/implant themes: 

    But humour is an interesting question, my wife is post op transexual, (which means that she is basically just like every other woman her age on hrt). 

    Most people never notice or are OK with it but she still gets regular discrimination and some outright abuse in public when people figure it out (it doesn't happen all the time but about once a week she meets an asshole).

    We use humour all the time, with each other and when dealing with new people or helping people get used to the idea that she used to be (physically) male... 

    For instance I tell people I couldn't find the perfect woman so I found someone close and installed the necessary upgrades.

    Do you guys with implants do the same when dealing with people for the first time?

    Something like:
    Q: Why did you get a magnet implanted?

    A: Well the doctor said I was low on iron...
    A: It was the only way I could stop losing my keys!

    I just assumed that you guys would have a huge collection of funny/smart arse/sarcastic responses to the common questions.

  • I have seen some sarcasm here, I was on the but end when a philosophical question came up.... In good nature of course, don't let it be said we don't we should make a docs for that type of stuff.
  • Dr_Allcome seems to have the idea.

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