Just got my first tDCS from the Thought Emporium

Just received my first tDCS from the Thought Emporium on Friday. Thanks, chironex.

Just a couple of questions:

1) On the Thought Emporium site it is mentioned that for learning the red cathode should be put on above the right temple and the black anode on the left shoulder. Is that the placement based on the DARPA study? 

2) When you say that the electrodes should be "damp", just how damp should they be? Saturated-with-electrolyte-and-then-squeezed-dry damp or just barely felt it damp? I just tested it out using the placement on the instructions but I have a feeling my sponges / electrode were too dry...

Thanks again! It's going to be fun. :D


  • 1) Yes and No. Here there are a lot of possible placement with result and the study that produced that resolt : http://www.diytdcs.com/2014/08/simple-montage-list-with-electrode-placement-and-research-sources-tdcs/ 

    As you will notice many placement have the same position but different results , that is due to the fact that all brain are different. 
    Prepare your self to test different possible configuration before finding what works with you. 

    The one you mentioned is for fast learning. But it can also lead to more risk taking ( or at least that was my side effect while driving ).

    2) They should be damp  that you feel they are full of water but not that they drool on your face. And it shouldn't sting. To put it simple : put your tong on it and you should feel the same shock when you put our tong on a 5V battery.   
  • No problem! Ya that placement is based on the darpa study. there's a great site here LINK which has a list of various placements and I color coded the electrodes to match that site for ease of use. Damp as in not so wet that it's dripping down your face but not so dry that you lose conductivity. I normally dip it in saline then give a gentle squeeze to remove excess water
  • Ah ok. Looks like that I had been having them a bit too dry then. 
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    Sorry for the double post, but I need to double checking: the red electrode is the cathode and the black electrode is the anode?
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