Interview a Biohacker (For Sci-Fi Class, Youtube)

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Hey forum,

Allow me to introduce myself.  I'm an engineer in college in the Midwest.  I came across this community by happenstance, but I can say for certain that it has blown my mind.

As part of a class I am taking on sci-fi literature, I am to present soon on the topic of genetic engineering and transhumanism (cool, huh?).  Perhaps it was fate, but I happened to learn about this community soon after.  I would love to set up an interview with a grinder from this community to talk about these topics.  It would be amazing if I could learn from an individual who does this for a living or has years of experience in the subject.  This will eventually be shown to my class, and even be broadcasted on my youtube channel, which covers topics ranging from fitness to entrepreneurship and biotechnology. If anyone on this forum fits the bill, I would love to learn the wisdom from your many lessons learned in the field! Thanks so much Grinders.

You guys are freaking awesome, and keep up the weirdness!

Tyler the Noob Grinder


  • What is the name of the Youtube channel 
  • Hey there!   Where in the Midwest are you?  I'm certainly not the most experienced person on the site, but I've had an NFC implant in place for a few months now and would be happy to contribute or answer questions you may have!
  • Hey kuroro86.  The channel is called Inneryouniverse: and it's link is below. It's a fairly new channel, and this interview would be the first biotech type installment, but I have two examples of interviews on the channel so far.

    Rclifford3, I'm from Colorado, and that's also where I go to school.  I might take you up on that my friend, if not for the interview then for my own curiosity! Haha. Thank you very much for the support my friend!
  • Haha thanks ElectricFeel!
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