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I saw on Woot that Bondic is up for sale. It's a uv curing “liquid plastic welder”. This stuff is great, I’ve repaired glasses arms that sheared and various other things that glues would be iffy with. Not bio-safe that I know of hence this post is under "everything else" but a cool tool to have around.



  • Bondic, in my experience, has been extremely fragile. :s

    Honestly, I would not recommend it for anything needing to be secure, working at a store that sells it and playing around with it side by side to other things.

    It is aesthetically very nice looking, and can definitely do things that glue cannot.. .But in terms of strength I've found it falls very far down my list of what I would choose. >~<

    Always worth having on hand... but beware! D:>
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    @Zerbula Good to know! It's held up well so far for me for little projects and a couple big ones. I'll keep an eye out for failures.

    More importantly what's higher on your list? What do you use for things needed to be secure?  :D
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    My experience using Bondic has been with plastics (shrouding pieces for power equipment such as chainsaws) and metals (aluminum to steel for a keychain).

    Neither one held up how I would have liked. Not to say that the former was a very fair test, but it outright failed even just layering it up. The charm fell apart after a couple weeks.

    Again, it's wonderful stuff and I really had very high hopes for it. It's not that I haven't tried it. and for presentation and appearance it's wonderful. Just don't expect it to be the dead stop best when it comes to 'What if it gets dropped'. >~<

    Loctite is a company I prefer myself. When it comes to superglues, I swear by this specific stuff:. 

    I have stress tested this compared to many other glues, including loctite glues.One of the tests we gave this stuff was taking a 2 liter bottle, filling it up with water. Then cutting a clean end of surgical tubing and gluing the end to the top of the cap. then playing with the two foot long section of tubing and letting the bottle drop like a yo yo. 

    We have had this same example for over a year, letting customers walk in and out and drop it and w/e. We had to rebuild it because the last one's surgical tubing tore. c-c

    It's much stronger than the 'blue' loctite superglue gel; 

    But trust that first one. It's treated many of my cuts extremely well. also, chainsaws to the most reasonable expectation I could have for superglues on 13,000 Hz vibrations, thermal exposure, and mechanical abuse.

  • That's awesome! First hand testing is always helpful for figuring out when to use which ones. 

    I've used Bondic on a glasses arm that snapped in half which superglue couldn't hold and it's lasted 6 months so far. But that's not a stress test like yours. I've been thinking about it as a way to "weld" shut jumprings on two necklaces that keep pulling apart. Sounds like it might work but have a greater chance of failure than I thought. I'll have to test it out soon and see.

    Now I have an urge to make a chart of glues and their best uses for the wiki. :D
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    Honestly, I really am considering using the Loctite to seal my skin for the m31 implantations, simply because dirt ingress is a huge issue and it makes a very nice, strong shell. 

    Again, personal experience. I have ripped chunks and gotten slices out of my fingers accidently, made a shell out of that glue, and used it with probably 90% of the force I would have normally.

    I don't have experience using dermabond or liquidskin/nuskin. And I am aware of the Loctite not being FDA/Medically evaluated. But to throw out my two cents;

    I HAVE gotten thermal exposure from it where it did begin to get uncomfortable with thermal generation. this was a huge amount of glue I accidently smeared across my hand from the table. It did not cause burns, and it was far excessive amounts. 

    IMO, if it's being used correctly, my fair suggestion would be that (This does not reflect everyone, only my experience, don't try it.)  It is safe to use on the hands, provided you are using reasonable amounts. I do not know about blood toxicity or chemical saturations, but my little hurts have never caused me any delayed healing or pain or bad feelings. It functions as a waterproof, structural bandage. 

    MSDS can be found here for those curious.
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