Alternate magnet locations

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Ok firstly I know why fingers are most used.

I am wondering if there are other locations where we could put a magnet that has a better rating, maybe even larger size. I remember hearing about a few locations like toes,wrist,and one other less then interesting location for myself.

This is purely curiosity.


  • Tragus is a fun spot. ^^ Some people prefer genitals. C_c

    I would pose the question of areas in the neck? :o Maybe near the spine?

    The fear of infection is real. >`<
  • That's one of the reasons I was wondering. I actually forgot about Tragus (that's how I found this site) It seems like there were many possible locations that were kinda pushed aside because of mobility more then having less nerves.

    I know that hands are the main part due to the amount of nerves and ability to reach out and feel for things. But why not having the ability to feel it more in your body then just hands.

    Has any any one experimented with any of the above locations or some that haven't been mentioned?
  • I recommend the penis near the glans.  I love having my laptop in my lap for obvious reasons.
  • @euaa

    Okay, isn't there one that was used on the wrist for some sort of ultrasonic range finder?
  • @johndoe kinda I believe it was still a finger magnet with a haptic glove for bottle nose or something similar.

    Ok so aside from penis magnets which are more popular then I thought, would a spot like the traps on a person be decent for one? I know you have some sensitive spots up there if it gets hit just right.
  • The areas right around the knuckles on the back of the hand should do relatively well.  You can also do them in the earlobes for use as wireless speakers.

    I know this one gal that has a magnet in one of her nipples.

    What I do to find sensitive areas is to use a set of nail clippers or anything with a pointy edge and just gently rake it across areas of flesh.  That may or may not be as suitable as I hypothesize.
  • @JohnDoe, I built the range sensor you're thinking of.
    My friend, who has a magnet in his wrist, asked me to build it with a long enough lead that it could reach his wrist and I could still use it with my finger.
    I can't remember if he had an m31 or an m63. His magnet was installed by an experience piercer.
  • I've got a fun app from the play store for free that is called Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas. It has pretty decent models of nerve areas. It's been helpful with me to understand areas with greater concentrations in toying around with implant areas in the past. There are better apps out there but this isn't bad for a freebie.
  • Refer to the wiki; there's a beautiful human anatomy 3d model link somewhere in there that's very useful. It breaks down most everything. ^^
  • I tried to look at it on the wiki just it doesn't work too well on my iPad. I don't really use a computer at all. I don't like touch pads and my desktop isn't running yet. I will look into that app though. Thanks for the input.
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