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I am working on a podcast for a school project, and the topic was anything. As such I decided I would make a podcast focusing mainly on subdermal implants (RFIDs and magnets mostly) and showing a bit more of the community of Grinders that exists now. I was wondering if any of you would be willing to be interviewed on your experience, knowledge and point of view on the matter. I would prefer to interview someone who has implants, has made implants, has implanted someone else, or is just pushing the envelope in terms of what we can do currently in Bio Modding, but if you are willing at all please comment below. I will be actively checking this and replying to any answers.


  • Super cool!
    I have done an interview for an Australian radio program but I am state side. I am implanted but I have always gone to a professional. Out of my four implants I passed out for three of them and I'm casual enough to admit that with a chuckle.
    Philosophy and transhumanism isn't really my forte so I won't waste your time there.
    Professionally I am an electronics engineer and after hours I am secretary to a transhumanist charity in my area. I run a blog which occasionally involves biohacking. If you prefer I can keep the names out of it because I don't want to make this is a commercial for me.
    If you want a throwaway interview just for practice I'm down for that too.
    Give me a PM if you want my Google Voice number.
  • I'm down. I have implants, I have done implants on my self and others, and I have been making custom implants.
  • Thank you to the both of you! I will likely contact you guys within the next couple of days and figure out the best time to go through with the interview.
  • I've done a few things. I'd be game.
  • "I've done a few things"
    understatement of the decade
  • Sure, i'd be down. I do these things XD
  • Jeez, I was hoping for Cassox, Chinorex and maybe  a couple other replies but not this many. If possible I would love to see if we could maybe get a group call going and see if I can get an extension on the time limit for the podcast and do something a bit longer if you guys are up for it. So I will PM most of you guys and send you my email and then we can go from there and figure out scheduling and such.
  • If you're still up for participants I'd be happy to join. I have an NFC implant and would love to share my perspective.
  • I think I am set, but I will send you a message, depending on how your schedule lines up with the time we set I might see if there is room for one more.
  • Please link me to the podcast when it's available.  I'd love to have a listen.
  • Will do, thanks.
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    I have a site I am starting for podcasters, it is called khaosradio.com. if you need a landing page for your podcast I can put it on my site for you. I don't have anything on it yet really (aside from old stuff I did) but i want to start getting podcasts going, I will be doing radio plays (like war of the worlds or the old superman radio play) but would really like more content  (i just bought the domain about three weeks ago)
  • @jameskhaos You're welcome to steal my content from YouTube, I release my stuff as public domain anyway.
  • Any Battle Angel Alita references there or is it just wishful thinking?
  • It is fine, but thank you for offering, as I get further along I will look into it. As of now I think I may end up using google's blog service to get the RSS feed going.
    Probably will use google drive for the file hosting to begin with.
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