cut your eyes



  • @euaa don't worry I'm kidding about cutting my eyes.
    @glims did you totally remove fungus computer? Also what's the "government implanted another consciousness" thread?
  • Couldn't find them either, I was hoping to read them for the laughs.
  • When I stretch my eyelids further back there is a slightly extended view radius, but only when looking to the side. I would never do it though.
  • Ah yes there it is lol I actually read that whole thing when you brought it to the top.
  • @Glims hold on, reading.  Already starting to smile a few posts in.

    Technically though, in regards to computers like that, before I continue reading on, rat brains.  Ok, now I'm going to finish reading.
  • As funny as the mushroom thread is ..... now I wanna try building some sort of bio bit adder

    ....... I have a lot of reading to do 

  • Nothing wrong with reading a crap ton of material, reading and discourse are great ways to learn.
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