cut your eyes

This is not all sciencey as the magnets, but it is rather functional. and simple.
You know the outside corners of your eyes?
cut them so they run about 0.5cm longer.
 you get a larger range of peripheral vision.
meh, i did


  • D: ... there are better ways of increasing your peripheral vision.   

  • Doesn't that look a bit odd? Pictures?
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    @Lukas no there aren't

    @Jack hardly noticeable, ill post pics in the morn.

    EDIT: the next morn
  • @Lukas What are those methods?

    @nemogrinds Please do.
  • So you also received signals?   
    During our experiment we could also send pulses of current on to my nervous system that my brain could recognise. That was an exiting part of the project because we took ultra-sonic signals – I was wearing ultra-sonic sensors on a baseball cap – fed those signals down on to my nervous system to stimulate it. My brain was receiving pulses of current dependent on how far objects were away, so I have experienced an ultra-sonic, a sonar extra-sense, which gave me a pretty accurate indication of how far objects were away. 

    Continue reading at Kevin Warwick: I want to be a cyborg and I know I am not the only | NowPublic News Coverage
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    Sorry it took so long for a decent pic. you can see the deeper cut where i flinched/cut. You can also see that the eyelashes end before the eyecorner

    EDIT: damn that pic is at a shitty angle. will try again
  • @nemogrinds Is the larger range of peripheral vision noticeable?
  • Startlingly, yes. The cut on my other eye was an accident and noticed i could see more/look father into the corner of my eye
  • I'm wondering whether there is an relable way to safeguard yourself from cutting too far. Maybe trying to push some thin rubber plate in beneath before you cut?

    I would like to try this out for myself but i'm not sure I could trust my hand not to flinch if i'm doing it myself..
  • Very, very impressive and practical biomod, congratulations. But I also wouldn't do this myself or let someone unqualified do it, the eyes are too precious for me.

    nemogrinds: Have you experienced any bad side effects?
  • Yeah, its a little sketchy of a procedure, but honestly I would not trust anyone else. The nature of the skin makes it easy to do in small increments so you can take a brake and the start again. The skin has few vessels large enough to bleed, so its relatively clean. Also after the first cut is made, you can stretch/tear the skin back a bit more. This reduces the chance of cutting your eyeball you twitchy motherfucker.

    Only side effect noticed was when only eye was done... aside from having one eye open wider, there was some cross confusion in focusing.

    I think:(notqualified) that my mind would tense the muscles of the cut eye and the non cut the same amount. Obviously same of amount of muscle action on two different sized orifices is not going to work. So i had to learn to squint one eye more that the other.

    However, all problems went away after i cut the second eye.
  • would love to see a Before and After comparison. 

    am I wrong in thinking this would give you big 'anime style' eyes too?
    I know there's already contact lens that give that effect..
  • m1k3y: "Anime style"-sized eyes would require larger eyeballs, which would be impossible. This simply slightly widens the eye. In addition, one could only cut the skin around the eye as far as the edge of the eye socket in the skull
    , for the obvious reason that, even if one did continue across the skull, the eye could not see any further.
  • I would love to see an update. Also the image that was here is no longer here; if you could repost it I would greatly appreciate it.
  • This is a very old post....
  • i think he went and necro'd the oldest post on the forums lol
  • Huh, never knew this was possible lol, not really something i could see myself getting done though for the time being due to lack of professionalism and the fact that i value my eyesight but this seems pretty cool. 
    also this is an extremely old forum post holy crap  
  • I went to the last page and figured I could start reading through the entire forum.
  • Haha that makes sense. Hey glims maybe you should lock down threads this old so there will be no necro lol.

    I am curious about the photos though.
  • Stuff like this is interesting though. D:> If not a little squeamish inducing.

    Seconded, any results out of this after time?
  • I'm reading this wondering how many people on this forum are masochists. 
  • nah man, no lock downs. just imagine if you had never seen this interesting gem from the past... :D

    shame there aren't any pics....

    also this sounds totally ridiculous and outside of how the eye actually works. please don't cut your face meats...
  • That guy was only here a month, then vanished into the night.
  • So what your saying is don't cut skin around our eyes? Ah man I was really looking forward to putting a super sharp blade there...

    @mvb you are aware what people here do right...we cut ourselves and poke holes in our selves lol. Also yes. Yes I may be slightly.
  • I am going to google it and see if I can find any pictures of him or others doing it.
  • You can emulate the supposed effect by simply using both hands.  Stretch the corners of your eye while using your other hand to keep the eyelids themselves from closing over the iris.  No need to cut to see if this works for you.

    Hint: It won't work, because that's not how eyes work.  Sorry but there's some stuff that should come off immediately as a troll post.  If you really just want a cool effect, make a makeshift sort of binoculars without magnification but utilizing mirrors, spread your vision from where they would normally be on your head to extend further away from the center and things will be strangely more 3D in appearance than they were prior.

    Please don't cut on your eyes.  I do believe this was a troll post.
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    that's why you should re-bury this corpse of a thread, so no that one goes and thinks were all sitting here cutting our eyes open!
  • This is one of those things that might be good to throw into a Hall of Shame forum category.
  • Ah! we so need that collection! we can add the "the government implanted me with another consciousness" thread, and my favorite classic, fungus computer
  • @glims don't make fun of my fungus computer, I grew it myself, alongside my tardis man.
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