Colored icl's for alternate colored eyes and google contact?

Do you think we could eventually color icl's? (implantable contact lenses) and do you think they would have a good visual effect of changeing the eye color? , this would also tint someones vision i assume? , getting 20/20 vision for those that don't have it already (or potentially even 20/15)  this is more a cosmetic implant then a fix of sorts but then again stuff like plastic surgery is already common place so getting tinted eyes could maybe be potentially in our future i guess 

do you think we might be able to "steal" googles idea of powering a contact by glucose but instead apply it to a retinal implant such as this for some alternate use of some kind? i don't really know "Eye" science per say but i assume that there is glucose around the lens of the eye? if theres not just disregard this part of the post really

Edit: just late night thinking but do you think that having tinted eyes would result in an almost sunglasses like effect ( as in protection for the cornea ) or am i just misunderstanding the makeup of the eye lol


  • So, this won't improve your vision (it will literally do the opposite as it fucks up your ability to adjust to light changes) and it's certainly not as cool as AR vision, but there IS already a surgical procedure to change eye color with silicon implants: (this site seems fake, but it's legit if you trust ABC news).

    If people can do that now, I imagine that less terrible options will present themselves eventually. Corneal implants seem much more likely to me than retinal implants, as the retina is quite hard to actually get to.
  • I did see a thing that involved sliding discs into the eye over the iris that altered color. Can't remember where though. >~<

    It was different than the site above
  • i wouldn't say an icl immediately screws up you vision (as they are literally made to help with vision) but yeah i guess something like this would have a flaw like that, (people are doing icl's now if thats what you meant by that, and if you meant tinting the glass that should easily be able to be done, hell we've been doing it for centuries if thats what you meant by "if people can do that now") although im curious as to what you mean by corneal vs retinal implants
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    I don't think all corneal implants screw up your vision, just the ones I linked to in particular - they are opaque and cover your iris yet can't expand or contract to alter the amount of light that enters your eye the way your real iris can. So, in low-light conditions your iris tries to open to allow more light in, but there is an opaque silicon object occluding that light. I imagine that any corneal implant with enough color to be noticeable by an outside observer would have similar (though likely less extreme) problems under certain lighting conditions.

    By corneal vs retinal implant I simply meant that as the cornea is on the front of your eye it's easier to reach than the retina, which is way back where the optical nerve comes out.
  • Icl's are already in use to fix eyesight if you didn't know already,
    are you saying that tinting the lens of the eye through an implanted (altered) iclwill affect how the eye responds to light/contracts and or expands in response to light? i understand what your saying now on the corneal vs retinal impantation stuff now, however what do you mean by an opaque silicon object? 
  • I'm not talking about all corneal implants being opaque silicon objects, just these ones in particular. I'm extrapolating that for any corneal implant to have any significant effect on eye color it would likely also have a similar detrimental effect on your vision.

    Check out this video of the implants being inserted for a better idea of what I'm talking about. Don't check it out if you are squeamish. 
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