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very interesting. I'd love for them to test this shit out on me. http://www.kurzweilai.net/boosting-synaptic-plasticity-to-accelerate-learning

I feel like a couple ppl here have experimented/conceptualized similar ideas.


  • DARPA? ...I would be wary of unexpectedly finding myself no longer a person, and something owned by the navy 
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    Well, we've maxed out the tinfoil hat meter and we're only 2 posts in. that was quick. 

    Interesting article though. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. 
  • Copper would work better. #_#

    Perhaps tinfoil worthy sources and staging... Maybe... the fact this is being developed is awesome. :3

    If it REALLY has secrecy and tinfoil-y intent, I don't think DARPA would go bragging about this though. :s
  • I'm not talking about it like that, darpa does some questionable things. Their motives are vague, their's and MIT's ties to the navy are well known, they contributed to development, attack, and defense of the TOR network through it's history.. their position is ambiguous at best... just because I'm not a fan of a program affiliated with an institute that historically has successful projects consistently end up in government hands doesn't equate me to the level of people who think the world trade center towers couldn't have been caused solely by large jer airliner crashes... 
  • darpa brags about robots the intended use of which is recon, IE watching people to hunt them down... 
  • @rodya2501
    They have been trying to kill the U2 (plane not the band) for years.... And that's kinda the point of recon.... I worked as a private eye on the deep web for several years,(Nothing illegal people pay more when they think it is.) there are a hell of a lot more people who want to attack and then hipocritcaly defend (or even use) tor than just darpa and the navy. Who's main concern is making it stronger, they use it to mask there ship locations online presence. Examples include but not limited to:
    The KGB
    TOR users
    Almost any security analyst
    North Korea
    South Korea
    Anonymous (No really they attacked a cheese pizza distributor....)

    Don't get your hopes up for that research, I extremely doubtful they will get anywhere. We don't understand how the brain structure changes with learning enough to get real results like what the article described. They will achieve something just not what they thing they will.... I have a similar concept, but with a hell of a lot of a better execution. Can't build it do to high cost and unknowns, but will sometime in a year or so....
  • Don't fear the government. Fear the people that would use it against you.
  • @ElectricFeel
    Amen to that....
  • Lol of course I was kiddin about them testing it out on me. Interested in seeing where things end up though. :)
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