Diamond Coated Magnets



  • Stay away from chromium. That stuff is no good for you. As for phosphate conversion, doesn't ring a bell, but phosphate electro plating is happening everywhere. I'm familiar with zinc phosphate, basically just heat, chemicals and shaking.
  • Yeah, basically neodymium iron boron needs to come from the supplier coated. It's nasty brittle and oxidizes rapidly. I've gotten it sent raw packed in oil before but it's not great. I'm trying a batch with phosphate to which I'll then apply a final coating. So this can be electroplated?
  • So I assume you're talking about phosphate conversion coating. That's typically not an electroplating sort of process. normally it's a simple dip process or spray. since they're neomagnets I'd suggest trying for an iron phosphate coating. Should synergize well with the magnet composition. I'd have to check papers and such to get exact measurements of stuff and compounds but mostly what you need is the phosphate salt, phosphoric acid and potentially an oxidizer to soak up the hydrogen ions and speed up the process. you just clean the surface you're gonna coat and then dip the thing in the bath for a bit, rinse it off and you're good to go. no need for electricity. 
  • Oh yeah, I'm familiar with the process. I'm wondering if metals could be applied via electroplating to a phosphate surface.
  • Depends if the magnet+phosphate coating are conductive at all. if not you're gonna have a fun time trying to electroplate them. But otherwise should be fine although you may need to mess with your electroplating solution so as not to dissolve off the phosphate coating by accident. What metal?

    Also, why are you going to all the trouble of doing the phosphate and metal coat yourself? coatings like that on something that wants nothing more than to oxidize is a massive pain and you're better off getting whatever company you get them from to do it for you. They have the equipment that makes it easy.  Electroplating is pain to get right on something that isn't reactive. Not to mention something that is. 
  • Same with zinc phosphate, we use a cleaner, then an activator, then dip n shake in zinc phosphate with another dip in sealer.
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