IQ affected by a single gene



  • That effect is so insignificant, I guess in the grand scheme of things it's interesting. But I wouldn't expect it could be compounded in any meaningful way.  
  • So how does intelligence work?
  • IQ isn't a meaningful indicator of intelligence, which is multifactor and complex. IQ is just a meaningful indicator of one's ability to do well on IQ tests.
  • True and agreed that still begs the question how does intelligence work?
  • I think it's still unfortunately stuck in "I know it when I see it".

    It may actually be impossible to create a universal intelligence indicator (which begs the questions - should we? to what end?).

    Indicators of aptitude in specific disciplines can certainly be quantified, however, and these are arguably more useful, and certainly more hopeful: If you are bad at math you still might be really good at programming; and you can always try hard and practice to become better at either.
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    To what end is the universal question here.... I say push it further until it requires involuntary experimentation on others. I thought universial intelligence is impossible cause intelligence is more or less a bunch of trade offs....
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