want to experiment with heavier wrist/ankle weights

I guess this technically comes under wearables?, and im not even sure if this really 'fits' on the bio hacking forum but as we are about all forms of but thought i'd ask anyways

essentially i want to make heavier wrist/ankle weights that will still fit under clothes easily to use during a workout period or even just during the day but i have no idea what to make them out of/ how to make them slim
do you guys think something made of like iron or steel would work if it was made thin enough? (aiming to get atleast around 3kg)

If this doesn't trully belong on the forum or whatever feel free to remove it just thought i might ask


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    look at lead it is heavier per cubic inch then iron or steel and is a lot more pliable so you will be able to roll it easier or even possibly have it "customized for each person.
  • i thought about doing that but leads poisonous and having a solid lead brace around my arm doesn't sound to fun if its gonna have to poison me..... likely have to coat it / wrap it then i guess 
  • rubber paint maybe? you probably want something more comfortable around it anyway, such as cloth/foam padding.
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    Lead is only poisonous when ingested, just paint it with enamel and don't lick the bars and you're fine.

    The most common method for making lead weights for this sort of thing is lead buckshot in a bag, I'd recommend a bicycle inner tube with the ends epoxied shut.
  • I was looking the necklace in the pic the other day thinking i wish those beads were heavy.


    so the necklace is fukkin heavy, don't know, just thought it would be good.
  • I second @electricfeel. Unless you plan on eating it or sticking it in your body your fine. We have more lead based things around us every day that most people don't know about. Same with asbestos which really has no relevance.

    Are you planning to use it all day or just during "down" time?
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    wearing weights on your ankles every day isn't going to turn you into The Flash, it's just going to fuck up your gait and damage your joints and leg muscles.  get a weight vest.
  • @ightden, would a weighted belt be any different than a vest?
  • probably yes because its still not anchored to your legs but rather your torso.
  • I assume weighted vests are popular because they simulate wearing heavy padding and just generally add weight but this also puts more weight on your back because vests push your shoulders. A belt would put the weight on your hips. A vest would have lots of area to distribute the weight so many bags of buckshot be hidden under regular clothes while a belt would get bulky and obvious quickly.
    Hiking backpacks try to put as much weight on the hips as possible but you can buy weight belts anywhere. I guess there are pros and cons to each.
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    I have a weighted vest and putting giant amounts of lead in it would likely help (as it only has sand in atm it weighs around 20 kg fully filled, and replaceing some of the pouches with lead seems like it could do good) i do plan on wearing them every so often during the day but for the most part during exercise, Rubber coating it sounds good, although actually shaping and getting the material sounds a little tough in my area, anyone know of anywhere that ships or sells in nz lead? we don't exactly have gun stores around my area so unless i get it sent here buckshots a little out of the question sadly,
  • It's actually very easy to find lead and shape it. Check out fishing stores for lead weights, sporting goods/outfitters that carry hunting gear specificly duck hunting gear. They sell weights to weigh down the floating decoys that come in about 4-5" strips. Just a few ideas. I definitely wouldn't ship it in because of weight. I believe some nails are made of lead also so a Home Depot or hardware store would be a good place to look too.
  • Also if you are working out like bending and leaning becareful because now it's pulling your body and not just hanging. It could put pressure/weight you wouldn't want it.

    Also diving weights are lead so look for a dive shop. Those weights come in large sizes/weights so you may not need many of them.
  • Hmm, i'll look into it, thanks paul for all of your help!
  • No problem if you need to melt it and mold it a kitchen stove should produce enough to heat depending on the type you have. I have made weights for fishing using both a camp fire and stove.
  • Huh didn't realise lead had such a low melting point... i think im gonna buy the lead weights, get an electric stove ( i need one anyways ) and buy a crap steal pot, melt it in there, mold and make it into the shape i want, coat it in the rubber sealent and then i think that should be it
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    Just make sure the burner can make the lead melt.

    Edit: temp you would need is about 630 Fahrenheit.
  • are there any ways to check? im actually looking for places that sell them but i can't really find anything on what temperatures there rated at
  • I honestly don't know how to check other then trial and error we used a cast iron as a base for one so maybe do that and hit it with one of those heat reading guns?
  • ah alright, thanks again for your help i'll put info up on here once i get all the materials and such
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