Vibrations from a mobile phone

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i have noticed tiny vibrations in my hands when i am on the phone and holding it in either hand. almost sort of like when near a microwave. has anyone experienced this and can confirm?


  • yes. more so with the older phones, but your phone does contain magnets.
  • The rear speaker on my phone will vibrate one of my magnets and a magnetic ring. The rear speaker would be used for speakerphone or music so it's beefier than the one used for regular phone calls.
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    A static permanent magnet will vibrate your implant?

    I get no sensation, unless I'm waving the magnet over my finger.


    And, it's just that pulling sensation, not a vibration.
  • Could it be the vibraitor for when it's on vibrate?
  • Vibration is from rapidly varying magnetic flux, not from static sources.
    A speaker is a source of flux, as well as motors.
  • There is a little motor thats triggered when it vibrates, so in this case its probably tou feeling that
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