Thoughts about my 3-year-old Magnet Implant

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Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to share an article I wrote for my blog about my magnet implant (which is now about three years old).

Let me know if anyone has any questions!



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    Congratulations on making it to Hacker News' top daily stories!

    I did not think to use tissue elevators: would have made my own procedure much easier. Do you know the dimensions of the magnet you had implanted? What tool was used to insert it?
  • Not sure the size of the magnet (it was supplied by the guy who did the procedure) but I believe he used the tissue separater (which was just an autoclaved wax modeling tool) to push it into place.
  • Have others noticed their magnet getting weaker?  Is there a way to strengthen it again?
  • Mine's gotten slightly stronger since I first got it (I can now pick up 5 cent pieces fairly reliably, where before I could only manage 2 cents). I doubt that the field's actually gotten stronger; I suspect it has more to do with position in my finger, or something.
    Mine's a cylinder section rather than a disc though, which seems to make a difference in maintaining field strength.
    'Recharging' magnets.
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