NSI-189 tips?

Is there anybody here who has experience taking NSI-189 that has any tips for me before I start my trial in a few days? And if so, how did your trial go? Thanks, I'd greatly appreciate any feedback.


  • Don't take anything else. Not even caffeine, alcohol, smokes. Hydrate like a boss, cause you will get dry mouth. Let your friends know, cause you might get a case of the feels. Or you might giggle at small things :)

    Felt like someone had freshened up the ol' head meats a bit. Clear thinking, not like sober brain, but like 15yr old brain.  YMMV, especially depending on age.

  • @MTS I'm about a week into my trial. I have been occasionally taking Tianeptine too, but so far this is what I've noticed:

    - Mental fog
    - Dry mouth
    - Drowsiness

    So far not much of an anti-depressant effect, or really anything else. But I'll keep on chuggin' along and hopefully see an upside. Just be aware that you may experience some annoying side effects...

    I'd second what Glims said about not taking anything else, just to rule out the variables and interactions. I'm cutting the tianeptine out of my cycle, we'll see if that helps.
  • @glims thanks for the advice! What do you recommend as far as dosage? I've been doing research and it looks like I'll start off with 10 mg once per day and keep ramping up to somehing that's comfortable. Also did you take phosphate or freebase?
  • @galticus whats your dosage? Also which kind are you taking and how? Let me know how this cycle goes without the Tianeptine, I'll keep updating here too to let you know how my trial goes.
  • I did the average from multiple sources, which was 40mg. 10mg is actually really low and there have been no serious side effects shown in up to 120mg a day
  • cool. I'll probably start around 20mg for a few days then work my way up.
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    About to begin trial.
  • Let us know how it goes!
  • Where is the easiest place to get this? And how long should i trial for once i have begun.
  • @_mz_o__ for sure!

    @Luko I got mine from a reputable user on the longedity thread: http://www.longecity.org/forum/topic/58442-nsi-189/page-121

    make sure u read back a few pages to get informed about it if you arent already. My nsi seems to be working pretty well but its only my second day so I need more time to tell. PM me if you want to know the user's name that I got it from.
  • I've order from http://buy-nsi-189.com and directly from longecity members; both sources were excellent.

    NSI-189 is the only antidepressant that's worked for me,

    I've tried:

    I've found that NSI-189 is sedating at low-doses but becomes stimulating in the 40-80mg range.

    Interestingly, NSI-189 seems to reduce addiction/drug-seeking behavior. 
    For example, NSI-189 blunts the effect of nicotine, stimulants, modafinil, etc. for me. I wonder what underlies this effect. 

    If you're interested in the mechanism of action of NSI-189, this article raises some interesting (but unsubstantiated) ideas: http://www.brainprotips.com/nsi-189-mechanism-of-action/
  • I've ordered from longecity and irc.bio. Both are great. http://irc.bio/product/nsi-189/
  • I've seen vendors on ebay selling NSI-189, am I stepping into dangerous ground buying there?

    I'm in Aus so the local markets are a little more "restrictive".

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