any future potential method's for upping reaction time?

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is there anything in the works, any ideas or any plans for anything that will increase reaction time? are there any currently and known noot's that increase reaction time? whats the 


  • Power naps and a good night sleep is what the old school dragracers like John Force use. Have you seen his win count?
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    Semax has shown to increase reaction time. Don't know the exact MOA in which it does so though. 
  • There is the nootropics route, or the "train harder" route. There is a blog called "the bioneer" where both of these topics are discussed. I believe the author also has a YouTube channel where he reviews supplements and nootropics.
  • nice. Thank you guy's for responding to this!. im looking into both semax and the bioneer guy but does anyone know how i can get noots shipped to nz, or rather anywhere i can buy noots from?

  • It's too soon to say anything with confidence, but the VIP project might help with this.  My reaction time on a simple test (screen changes colour, then click a mouse) improved by about 10% after administration.  It was mostly back to normal by the next day, though.
  • ah i see.. i'll have to keep checking back to that project then thanks for reminding me 
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