Flow state during sleep and sampling



  • how ironic that i couldnt post to this thread bc of a deadline for this rihanna album...oh well, only ended up making the deluxe version of her album. ill be post my experiences here soon, this is a kick ass thread!
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    Thanks MTS
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    I have been thinking about this and I am wondering if a hormone like adrenaline is secreted into the brain triggering flow state, that would explain why it is triggered vs entered. That also means we can make a nootropic, a (similar but vary) real drug that could yield results unlike anything we have ever seen. I am excited about something I have no idea how to prove or even replicate if I can prove it.


    Every bone in my body screams something is wrong here does anyone know more? I personally prefer my theory over a guy who opens a speech with I have no clue what I am talking about....

    Now that I think about it part of it was going into a mind set of yes I can, I have to wonder if maybe if that is not part of there suggested effects. Personally my experience with that was after about a month of singing lessons with my vocal coach she started to suggest I might be tone deaf, but I knew I wasn't so immediately before I went into my next lesson I took a tone deaf test and aced it. I had the best session with her I ever had, so that said there may be a slight grain of truth to what he purposes I myself have not listened to the whole thing. I feel the BS comeing from all directions, however there may be a grain of truth to something in that video. I am not sure if it warrants further investigation unless others feel like it is a strong lead.
  • I watched that video. Wow that is an amazing theory. If that is true then we really do know everything! I really am a know it all! XD we would just need something to unlock that information.
  • If you read the nexus arc trilogy by ramez naam and you look at the section In The end that has the science behind it there is a lot of really cool information that could lead to universal knowledge. Studies and experiments done by colleges that have people moving robotic arms from 600 miles away over the internet. With just their brain and some implanted things. My dream is to make something like nexus for the future.
  • How many books are there? I guess a MEG would work on a vaguely similar principle. Anyone else feel this has reason? I have only watched the first ten minutes.
  • 3 Books; Nexus, Crux, Apex.
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    That video sounds like bunk just from reading the title. I tried listening to it and got maybe 10 minutes in or so but i couldnt stand the recording quality. Im sure if they were legitimate scientists the quality would be much better than the way it is.
    From what i heard out of it sounds like they're talking about enlightenment and basically just being a good person. Also sounds VERY New Age-y

    I definitely feel like this could be brought on by meditating though. You have an EEG right @JohnDoe ? You should try hooking it up and then listen to your heartbeat through those headphones.
  • @thewinterwower Its not necessarily about whether their real scientists the theory that they have though is quite interesting and brings a new way of looking at our brain. The title is meant to be a hook. An exaggeration of the actual information to grab the viewers eye.
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    @thewinterwower @luko
    I agree and disagree with both of you. Thewinterwower is right this does sound out there but at the same time a MEG works on a quantum principle as well, plus if you have ever talked to a (good) teacher than you know that no matter how hopeless a student is they will always try and stay positive, so the student will not be discouraged. Plus who here is a real biologist? As far as my EEG goes I am a few resistors short.

    Luko here is the thing that bothers me about that video, in recent years scammers have grown smarter. They have started to mix fact and fiction, in turn it makes it hard to tell who's on the cutting edge and who takes you for a fool.

    If I have no results by Friday start at poking me, there is a RadioShack still open not to far from me that I can go and get the parts I need from. Believe me I am eager to show results more than anyone.

    John Doe
  • More of this accelerated learning stuff. This stands out because he was talking about practicing before sleep, sounding familiar yet? I am going to be reading that book soon. I feel like a thinking cap and a similar method would be a big step in the right direction.... Before you ask about the EEG there are still a few parts coming in, dame Amazon...-_- knew I should have gotten everything from mouser.... After finshing the EEG I most likely will be diving into a second project tied to this, I plan to see if something similar to a thinking cap could not be used to basically force the brain into some state, or maybe even beyond....
  • Sorry to triple post, is there any risk to mixing a stimulant and a depressent? I am talking extremes, like Propylhexedrine and a bunch of melatonin or (a actual depressant like) kava cocktail. The idea is to find a balance ware you can trigger I am aware my chem balance is a major factor. Then one could add a cognitive function enhancer and experience who knows what. My main concern is see see that someone has tried this and has lived to tell about it, I drank a dew monster and took 2 prescription steroids, that is my grandest experience with stimulants, and melatonin is the only kinda depressant I have used. Does anyone have any advice or experience to share?

    John Doe
  • Might have some bad effects on the heart I'd be careful. I know red bull and jaeger is a very bad idea (not just cause of getting really messed up). My heart had some odd beats that I could feel from it. I have heard of people having heart issues with doing shots of that drink. (Granted I'm sure it was WAY to much to drink anyway)
  • Ah.... That is really good to know thanks meanderpaul. I wonder what factors played into that, cardiovascular side effects could but a huge damper on this.... Also does any one have any experience with party pills? (Yea this is going down hill at a rockets pace.... But that's why we start small and work up....)
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    @JohnDoe did you ever do the EEG? 

    Also i'm convinced it has to do with being "in the moment", literally. I've been practicing mindfulness and i'm pretty sure it's working.

    While drugs/other chemicals may help in some way or another, they most likely arent even necessary and could potentially lead to a crutch or addiction.
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    Need to source a few parts.... And shielded cables.... And a reference report....
  • oh wow...good luck finding them
  • The reference report will be the real trick....
  • Nice! I knew it had something to do with meditation.
  • Lots of ways to run with that!! Follow that thread there maybe even better news to that, flow state for them could mean a trip so buyer beware....

    John Doe
  • Err...try doing mindfulness meditations sober before trying to reach flow state while tripping...
  • Yea I am not to worried about that....
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    Then i wish you luck, because the substance that the most recent person (aside from you) are talking about is DMT. DEFINITELY do your research on that one before you try it, and be prepared to have your reality shattered. I honestly dont know if that drug is the best for achieving flow state either, because you won't have much control from what i hear.
  • Yea I got a plan I am not sharing and things in play I am not telling at the moment. (Nothing interesting but relevant to this.)
  • So I feel I should through this in here.

    I recently started my supplement stacks again and had three occasions where I solved problems/remembered things I have been working on during my sleep. I have remembered the names of chicken types ( don't ask) that I was trying to remember and solved the problem I was having with a 3D printer I've been working on.

    The things I'm taking are:
    Eas protein powder scoop x2
    St.johns wart=600mg
    Men's one a day
    Ginkgo biloba 120mg (just upped to 180mg this morning)
    1.M.R vortex scoop x1

    These were all started again as of three days ago and this morning was the first time I did not have a problem solve in my sleep.
  • Interesting thanks @meanderpaul
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    I don't know why I posted this I need to sleep before I post this....
  • So I am updating this from April, I have gotten to the point at least on my own I can not go further than what I have. So I will be thorwing this out for who ever is interested.... What I purpose is a drug that allows for sensation of brain function.... Let me explain.... The idea is that one can make a drug that can allow you to alter your brain function refer to link1.... There is no magic frequency they all have there places and times where they would be useful. The idea here is to take things that happen in link two more aware to us, like a slight difference in a task that we have done a million times before. Things like notes about changes in environment or training your perception of time are good examples of what I am talking about when I say control what your brain it's self is deeming important. I have no biofeedback system at the moment so I can not comment on what frequencys are in play where in the brain. I am proposing a pill that would create a mild migraine, tingle, throbbing or what ever that gets more present the higher the frequency that part of the brain is fireing. To give me a system I can practice with for as long as the drug lasts. I lack the ability to even develop a theory on how such a drug would work, and beyond that I don't hardly know where to even look.... Why a drug? Because in theory how long would you truly need the drug of your on it 24/7?(10K hours) You can't practice with a machine all day and night.... Another benefit of a pill over a machine is that a pill could allow you to measure across a gradient or along a neuronal trend in the brain....

    I want a pill that gives me sensation over the function of my brain.... I have no fucking clue how such a drug would even work.... To any degree.... (A meditation pill of sorts, shockingly there are no company's making anything like that.... Guess somethings are to fake for the Internet....) I still feel like everything that I said above made no sense....

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