gold plating 1x0.5mm magnet to implant

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I've been having a hard time finding implantable magnets, particularly really small ones, which a lot of people seem to have interest in. Anyway, I found some  nickel plated 1x0.5mm neodymium magnets online for fairly cheap ( and I'm considering gold plating and implanting them. Any thoughts, suggestions, warnings? Maybe someone knows where to buy them precoated?


  • You're not gonna be able to feel anything with a magnet that small. they don't exist because there's no point. 3x1 was chosen as sort of the minimum size you get a decent signal. 
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    You will be able to feel it, just not as strong. Check this guy, he DIY gold plated his magnet and crushed it by accident, and he still has a bit in him and he feels the EM fields too.

    Anyway @Danny, if you manage to coat  one let me know, I might be interested into buying one.
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    @Zlekratthat video is actually what lead me to this community and goal lol, that was my idea that if he could feel that, a smaller magnet should work just fine. To @Rytcd, in one of the comments on that link, the guy said it started to tarnish after only a few days, so I'm wondering if there's something else being deposited besides gold... And to @chironex, I understand i wouldn't be able to feel nearly as much, but there still seems to be a fairly large group of people who also have this understanding and still want to try a very small magnet, at least just to get used to the idea. If all worked out, I'd probably upgrade to a larger one eventually, a tiny one just seems like a smaller deal to start out. I might actually try to see if there are enough people wanting something like this, perhaps it would be something worth getting manufactured. Also, I am new to the site, any reason it's not "linking" Zlekrat's name with the @ as the other names did?
  • The thing you're missing is that this isn't like putting a new card into your computer. To change these out is a literal surgical procedure. If you're willing to put a magnet in your hand, I don't see why you'd waste your time with a subpar magnet. I've seen cody's lab. His whole experience with these makes me cringe. It's not a "smaller deal". it's the exact same procedure to the letter just with a smaller magnet that's even harder to handle. Also, you forget that magnetic fields do not scale linearly. So the size you've suggesting will be MUCH weaker. 

    That said, if that's what you wanna do, it your body do what ya like. But a 3x1 really isn't large at all, infact it's tiny. So personally I see no reason to go smaller. 
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    I called BS when he said he could still feel things with a magnet THAT small, or at least small enough that he would not be able find it when he was removing even if he shattered it into five or six pieces how small of a piece could still allow him to feel the fields. Also wouldn't the magnet eventually kill him? What do you think about that?
  • Heh, yeah, I wouldn't trust the link I put up as far as I could throw it. I'd have to test it a lot if I was to use it myself, but even then I don't really recommend it.

    I'm not a doctor, but personally I doubt the magnet will eventually kill him. I don't doubt infection or anything, but it seems like it's lodged in muscle, which to me seems like the infection would at least start locally and could be treated. 
    He did say he could feel with it, but not in a very useful way (if I remember right. It's been a bit since I've watched that particular video. The guy actually brought me here as well). For instance, he was able to find a magnet under a cup on the table, but that magnet was about half the strength of an MRI. Not exactly a hair trigger.
  • The thing that bothers me is that I feel like he implied that it is a microscopic piece of magnet.
  • I guess I might as well wait for some m31's to become available, that was half the reason I was considering smaller ones. This other thread that popped up sort of answers the question a bit more and another mentioned that cyberiseme is expecting to have some available within a couple of weeks, so that's not as bad as dangerousthings' ambiguous "eventually" answer.
  • I would avoid gold as during recovery and massage. You can damaged coating. I am having good 5 magnet implants done on Thursday 4th Feb. Will upload pics and videos.
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