Questions about various legalities.

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After talking to a few friends about my plans on implanting the M31 magnet, they had the reaction you'd probably expect. "You're going to operate on yourself!!? Why!? Is it safe? What if..." etc. So, to put them at ease, I'd like to know if there are medical professionals that would be able to do it for me. Preferably without me traveling out of state. I read somewhere that doctors couldn't do it by law, but I've been researching private physicians and the like. Would anyone happen to be able to either direct me to or explain the legalities behind this, and advice would be welcome as well. If none of this is possible/likely, I'm willing and able to DIY.
*Edit; Forgot to mention I'm in the Southern United States, Louisiana to be specific.

Also as a unrelated side note, I'm an undergrad microbio major at the moment, so some of the more technical conversations fly over my head. But I'm confident I'll be able to contribute as well in the future.


  • It's less an issue of it being illegal and more an issue of it being something that creates liability. If everyone us happy, no problem. If not, how do you justify an unnecessary procedure? So, for what you're willing to pay is unlikely an md would be willing. Would you risk your license for something like this?

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  • The main issue in regards to legality with implants is the use of anesthetic. It's illegal for anyone but doctors, and in some places certain nurses, to administer anesthesia to patients. I believe that it is legal to administer anesthesia like lidocaine to yourself but I'm not 100% positive on that and it may vary from state to state.

    Doctors can legally perform the insertion but it would be prohibitively expensive and you'd have to find a doctor willing to do it. Although again, I am not a lawyer.
  • From memory somebody on this board got it done by a doctor. Though I don't remember who (and from memory that person didn't get it done in the US).
  • I had mine implanted by a surgeon in Australia, so I may be the one IvoTheSquire is talking about. I consulted my Dr and he felt that doing it was the better option, rather than dealing with an infection if I botched it myself. I had to sign some indemnity forms and it was't too badly priced. It may be worth the conversation.
  • Your location (even in the city you're in if you're in the states) can make a big difference on this. You could have issues with local health code laws, with state disease transmission laws, with medical practice laws, etc. There are a lot of places you need to look around. 

    Where are you located?

    For instance, in Austin, a bunch of stuff that's permanent marking on the skin like scarification is considered tattooing for the sake of the law, but there isn't anything specifically mentioning RFID or other implantation like magnets. (Also, tongue splitting is technically explicitly illegal on the state level here, even though the first two reported people with modern tongue bifurcation were here in Austin.) Magnets are tough because a lot of jurisdictions could consider it surgery, which would mean you would need a doctor to do it, but malpractice insurance in Texas is fucked up which means that most doctor's won't touch it. 

    Richard Thieme (and others) are actually talking about this sort of thing at BDYHAX in February. On the Federal level, you've got a lot of blocks from the FDA on this sort of thing as well. 

    It's a pretty complicated situation, obviously.
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    That's why a lot of people DIY it, the man can tell you what you can and can not implant in your self....
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    Honestly that's why people do it themselves if there is no local implanters in there area, look for body modders or alternatively piercing artists. It's comical how they try to prevent this from being profitable and mainstream, but yet it is a vary rapidly growing scene.
    That is another reason that this scene is underground and will most likely stay underground. Once someone here truly breaks all the laws and rules for the greater good or more likely someone dies doing it.(I don't even want to think about the shit storm that will follow that.)

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  • Read the SciFi series the nexus Arc by Ramez Naam its really interesting and all about how the government is against this stuff.
  • Yea honestly I feel that they are more than fair on somethings, like I know there is a company that sells a pain management kit, I feel like that they(FBI) could put a end to that real easily. But the have not why? IDK but it does show they don't look for any BS reason to arrest and us and put us on trial, IMHO.
  • Hello everyone!

    I apologize if my question is off topic but since some time I want to ask you:
    Is it problematic to travel by plane after getting a magnet implanted?

    I know there are many people with metal in their body (in the knee by example) for medical reasons, but, as it is due a legal medical intervention, aren't they provided with a document that they need to present to the security to pass the checking?

  • Ive got 6 screws and 2 plates in my back and have never been offered or asked for any paper work, the scar is usually enough. quick wave with a wand and your off. cant see a magnet being any different. Also the older machines pick up my assortment but new ones dont
  • @scruffy thank you for your quick answer!
    I don't think there will be any noticeable scar once the implanted place is completely healed but that's not the problem I expected.
    I am afraid in case they ask questions about the nature and the purpose of the implant. I know these times authorities are very strict in matter of security.
    Is there a risk of being not allowed to fly once everything explained?
  • @bartiebro
    Honestly if you have problems with TSA social engineering is you friend, being honest and answering there questions smile and remember that a little respect goes a long way, and most importantly don't act scared! All those things will make them feel in control and play off there ego. Plus think about how many times they get cussed out or generally disrespected. Use things like that to your advantage, bare in mind in every profession there are tools and if they want to arrest/deny you flight they will.

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  • Yeah, as someone who once worked closely with TSA, their job isn't exactly what people think it is. Their job isn't to stop people to enter the secure area of an airport, it's to stop dangerous people and things into the secure area. If you explain what's setting off their sensors, and give adequate evidence, they WILL send you on their way. I once walked through the checkpoint at a small airport with a metal pin on, and also forgot to take off my badge. At the airport I worked at, which was considerably larger, it was never a problem. I carried pocket fulls of the pins, that we gave to children, all the time. Calmly, respectfully, explain the situation, answer with a hearty "Yes sir/ma'am" and you'll be on your way.
    If you get smart with a TSA agent, border control agent, or gate agent, they all have the power to keep you there for hours, or not allow you on the flight at all. Be respectful. Very few in my experience let the power go to their head, but respect and a calm demeanor works wonders.
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