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So, I've been looking into sourcing some C60 for experiments, and haven't had any luck finding any. I recall @chironex was messing around  with a way of making it at home, but I'm not sure if anything came of that. I also recall a few people doing their own studies on it, but don't think they mentioned where they got it. Anyone have a reliable source for C60, that won't cost an arm and a leg?


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    Supposedly this is from but I was on there earlier and I saw nothing about this on there site:
    For purification could you place to solution in a centrifuge and shouldn't the buckyballs collect on the bottom?

    Andrew York
  • Making bucky balls is about as difficult as making carbon nanotubes since it's basically the same procedure. Get an inert atmosphere and some graphite rods and gets a 100+ amp arc going between them. The soot is full of fullernes. Dissolve in xylene and then use chromatography of one form or another to separate them out. I'm just missing a welder or I'd be doing this now. Since this is a way faster and easier method to nanotubes/fullernes than what I'm doing. I've only been going the other route since it gives vertically aligned nanotubes which I wanted to make muscle wire with.  In theory the arc method could make kilograms at a time. I've been trying to source a welder for a decent price for a while. Since I need to do this anyway for the battery im working on cause it's so much faster than the CVD method and I don't need vertically aligned tubes for it. 

    tl:dr currently held up by need for welder,otherwise would be making this as a byproduct
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    Do you have a few MOTs? The king of random made a homemade arc welder from some, also could a fly back from a CRT TV be used?

    PS what does tl:dr mean?
  • too long: didn't read

    I had considered MOTS and have a few but they're all in use for various things atm. I'd need to go get 2-3 more which, now that this reminded me, I may just go get this working next week. I'm stuck waiting on supplies anyway so may as well. 
  • Ware do you find MOTs, I have to figure away to use fly backs because I never seem to be able to find MOTs anywhere. No matter how much dumpster diving I seem to do....
  • value village. buy a used microwave and rip the MOT out. takes me 3-4 minutes total to get one out. It's super easy.
  • or whatever your local thrift store is
  • Ahh I see....
  • So I'd forgotten about an alternative to the argon vacuum setup. You can do the reaction underwater. I realize how dangerous lighting an arc underwater is but I went ahead and built the whole setup to do it today. Gonna give it an arc later on tonight. It should produce lots of nanotubes but also some fullerenes (c60 and such) and carbon onions. I'm excited
  • If you had a way to bleed off the gas shouldn't that reduce the risk?
  • The gas isn't the problem. The risk is I'm putting a lot of electricity through water. I finished  building the rig last night. Gonna give it a try today once I'm more awake. 
  • I am guessing that you worried about one of two things steam from the arc developing, or the the break down of water into H2 and O2, and a explosion acuring as a result. A possible solution to both of these problems would be to maybe add some salt into the water to reduce its resistance. Other than that I am drawing blank as to what your concerned about. There is something on instructables on how to make a light bulb you may want to read up on that if you are super concerned with you current rig....

    Needs a tad bit of adapting but I figure it is easy enough to replicate.
  • the nice thing about a 4000 degree arc is that any hydrogen produced will be quickly consumed in the resulting fire. I'm worried about the pressure wave breaking the glass and spilling water everywhere when I'm pumping electricity into it. 
  • Hum do you have to have a lid, or maybe move the electodes closer to the surface. Or even go further and place some PVC in like steel pipe and use that with a open lid. If splashing is a concern place a trey on top to act as a splash guard.

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  • What chironex is worried about is basically an explosion. Glass will bend, but if you bend it really fast, it shatters. And the pressure wave generated by that arc lighting could easily do that. Liquid doesn't like to compress...
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    That's was my point with the steel pipe an PVC, and haveing no lid would prevent to pressure from building. Moving the electrodes closer to the surface would give the gas a easy way to escape due to the fact that is order to act on the glass it has to first act on all the water along its plane, which would slosh out or or break down. Another idea would be to make the arc smaller and more centered in the container.

    John Doe
  • Different kind of rpessure. I'm not worried about total pressure building up. When the spark is initially struck water will form hydrogen and oxygen which will then ignite. If the amount if small enough this isn't a big deal. But if lots were to be genreated and say it doesn't ignite at first and builds up, it would lead to a bigger boom which would send out a pressure wave potentially fracturing the glass.

    That all said, I ran a test earlier, lots of amps, only a 2-3 volts. The spark was pitifully tiny. Went out and got some 8 gauge wire, gonna rewind the transformer so the voltage is higher. And if that doesn't work I'll add in a second transformer. The rig works great though, just the wrong amount of power.

  • So rewound the transformer (was no small task, took an hour) and then tried the thing again. Works great. Does everything it says it should in the paper. I'll need to check it under the electron scope obviously but all things considered, not bad thus far. A second transformer to up the power would be good though. May do that in a few days. Currently need to figure out how to rework this so it'll run for longer without my assitance. Cause at most it produces 5mg of nanotubes per minute. Once I've made more, I'll test it with some xylene and see if it goes purple (means c60 is present) 
  • What are these for again?
  • C60 has some very interesting properties in rats. 
  • As to why that is a perfectly exceptional answer I fail to understand, but cool and let me know how it goes. I may try to snort some C60 if it goes well. I wounded if it can't be infused with DNA.... Hum
  • Or you could take it suspended in olive oil. Snorting it would... be wasteful. It has a lot of effects, but that article posted earlier in the thread explains it fairly well. And why its significant? Because rats aren't so different from humans.
  • Hum simple enough of a rig to build, I may try this.... Got everything I would need laying around....
  • Just because this part of the rig is east to build doesn't mean the next steps are. Even if I could make a lot it would take a lot of work to purify it to the point you could eat it. Baby steps. Still don't know if this produces a reasonable quantity of bucky balls. Might only make onions. 
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    I would have thought to just spin it in a centrifuge, then wash, and repeat.

    Okay now I see Carbon Onions still have there value.... But as far as separating them I see the flaw with my method. Electrostatics may be?
  • Naw you use chromatography and separation columns for something like this. Maybe centrifuge to make sure all big carbons are kept out initially. 

    One method they use to separate stuff is to straight up burn it since only the most stable carbons stay behind. But I doubt this would work for c60.
  • So for chromatography.... Do you eat the paper?
  • what. no. it's liquid chromatography in a column. It separates into layers and you get collect the different layers as liquid runs through the column. in this case, the pink c60 layer. 
  • Okay I just did a quick Google search .
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    I know one company (link) that is tailoring these materials like C60 fullerene, graphene, nanodiamonds and such for commercial use. Price can be an issue but on the other hand you gonna get a top grade nano-material. Depends what is your plan. If you want to try a longevity experiment and you gonna digest it, then you should have something that isn't DIY quality. If you have something else in mind, you can try to reach out and contact them. Maybe they can answer you some questions or give you a support. Good luck. :)

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