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Are there any other sensitive places people have put magnets like in the face. A friend suggested the nose but I dont think it would be sensitive enough.


  • There is one person that was trying to put a few in their face but I don't think anything ever came of it. The avoiding of the head/face is, from my understanding, due to the chance of infection getting into the brain. There are magnets in the ear that people use like a set of headphones. If you do a quick search you can pull that up.

    Think about locations that you have very sensitive places. What happens when you stick you finger with something? You feel it quick and sharp. Do you feel the same thing with your nose? Use your sensitivity from the fingertips as a base line for possible locations (or do a google search for density of nerves in the human body).
  • A possible experiment would be to have someone poke you with a few pins and you guess how many there are in say a 1sq in area and compare that to you finger tips, maybe use a few that are not as sharp as others....
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