No feeling from my magnet

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17yrs old put the magnet in about 2 months ago. I figured the lack of sensitivity was due to scar tissue, but I assume by now there should be at least something. 

Magnet is 3mmx1mm disk that is parylene c coated

My procedure was basically sterilize it in isopropyl alcohol, tourniquet my left ring finger, start cutting with a disposable scalpel, and then push it in with the back of the scalpel(plastic)

Should I wait longer or should I try again? I have 9 more of these magnets


  • With this sort of thing, patience is key.

    As long as it doesn't hurt, is inflamed, etc. it shouldn't hurt to leave it in for a few more months. Essentially your nerves have to heal back around the magnet, and that takes a while. I am assuming that you have actively tried getting near something you now you should be able to sense? I've heard things like laptop chargers, or security gates at department stores can make your magnent feel pretty crazy, almost to the point of being painful.

    If I were you I would just bide my time and see how things go. I am sure some other members could offer some more insight. 
  • I assumed microwave to be one of the strongest fields around the house. Felt nothing.

    I'm probably going to put another one of my magnets into my index finger and just keep the ring finger while I wait.
  • I've got a magnetic parts tray at work that had a huge feeling when I accidentally put my hand near it. Maybe try a bit magnet (from far away)?

    Alternatively, if you have a petrol car, put your magnet over the coilpack. Feels like a high frequency click.
  • A power drill was the first time my magnet caught me off guard. It was not a battery operated one, it plugged into the call. Maybe the universal motor in it was the key to the field around it.
  • the thing with the microwave is you have to find the spot where the magnetism "leaks" out. i've tried many microwaves and they all have different spots you can feel, some less than others.  some you can feel around the seam of the door, some behind and to the side of it.  just gotta feel around youll find stuff eventually.
  • I think it's starting to get rejected at this point. Just got the little skin bubble/pealing most people mention. Ill try the coil pack of my car tomorrow
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