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Hey, I'm looking for some detailed information on the whole rejection procedure of magnets. What causes rejection and what common mistakes are there? kinda new to this and saw nothing on the wiki.


  • Some rejection are related to coating failure, others are related to mechanical trauma like hiting banging and pinching.(Hence why they say don't hold onto anything for more than 15min with your magnet(s)) check this out,

    John Doe
  • it look like there is a lot of rejections from the spreadsheet. Is there really any way of stopping it short of taking imuno-suppressants and not hitting it?
  • A lot of rejections are due to coating failure of banging the implant against something, that said don't buy the cheapest magnets and don't hit your hand with a hammer or slam your fingers in a door you should be good. In fairness there are rules regarding magnets....
  • most rejections are from people not taking care of it properly. Poor sterile technique, poor aftercare, hit hand with a pan, w.e.
  • Again, you get a magnet, you have undergone a surgical procedure.
    If you got some stomach surgery, your doctor tells you not to go doing squats. If you ask the doctor about ways to maybe do squats, get your stitches wet, take body blows in your krav maga class, the doctor is going to tell you "no".

    What I keep seeing here is a bunch of people who want to engage in surgery, and then act like they can go out and climb a mountain right after it.  More so, the comments are the same every time. I don't want to use stitches, I can't take time off playing my guitar. I set my finger on fire. Ok, fine. Just don't be surprised when you get the same exact results of every single person who has posted about the exact same things.
  • I guilty advent that would be me but I have always around that.
  • "hit hand with a pan"

    That's a little close to home......
  • @Glims Who set their finger on fire? O_o You have now piqued my curiosity about the amount of heat required to cause rejection...
  • Not naming names. It was a second degree burn, thought I am thinking it wouldn't ned that much damage to cause rejection.
  • v-v I thought that was Hyperbole. Ow.

    Lesson learned. Thank you ^^
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