Myostatin regulation with rna?



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    As I'm turning my projects into SARIF style models for my site this was the next one on the list. It's not done but I thought some of you may enjoy it non the less. This one is represnetitive of the diblock system I'd like to get ironed out so that it can be used for more than just this project. The DNA inside could be anything and it will deliver it wherever it needs to go.

  • Here's the LINK to the final image and writeup.
  • Nice! Are these things expensive/difficult to make?
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    The model or the actual diblock?
  • The actual diblock. (But you've piqued my interest on the model, too)
  • Still working out which diblock is best so pricing will be figured out later. Got a ton of other projects going atm. This was just easier to model. Gonna do some more research into this probably this week?
  • So dug into the diblock a bit more. Our best bet seems to be a PLA-PEG (poly lactic acid poly ethylene glycol) nano capsul. you can modify the ends with the the tags that'll have the spheres delivered to the right spot. The materials seems fairly cheap all things considered but im still digging

  • Thinking ahead a bit, have you investigated the substances which will give the nano-capsules their affinity for particular cells?
  • im working on that now. that is highly dependant on what material you use for the diblock since it changes what you can stick to the outside. it'll help to first pick a cell type target and go from there. in this case i'll be aiming for skeletal muscle
  • As a side note, do you think this will be useful with the tetrachromancy mod?
  • I do. this is the best first step to all gene mods for the most part. If it's something we get good at we may start that as a service. People send us their dna we send it back encapsulated and targeted. but that's something a long long long way down the line
    Also the tetrachrome thing is the next model im making and the writeup was gonna mention that we'd be using the diblock system

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    *over the top expectations stated*

    oh come on, what did you think i was going to say?
  • exactly that. You crush my dreams and I build them back up stronger and more well thought out. That's how this works XD
  • what's the current status on this project? this hasn't exactly been updated in several months... so is like this dead? 
  • on the back burner. Working on stuff that'll make this easier. Ideas like this I keep banked for when my lab is more built up and I have the gear to do it. This, is really hard to do. So it'll be a while still. 
  • Is it hardware to expensive to buy? If it is post about it I could have sworn I saw someone here was a machinist. I have been taking a crash course on obscure mechanics, between everyone on here we can get something that might work well enough designed and tested.

    John Doe
  • ahh i see ah well good to know you haven't given up on this project yet,
    can't wait till your labs has the stuff it needs

  • soon I hope if all goes to plan over the next few months
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    I have a ethics question for you about this, do you think that maybe we weren't supposed to tamper with genes? Seems to me like a lines crossed there that could result worse than losing a limb due to infection. I see the x files like possibilities, but is it really a question of if we can and not maybe if we should?

    John Doe
  • We aren't 'supposed' to tamper with anything. Implants are wholly unnatural, and genetics is science like any other.
  • @JohnDoe  -  No

    specifically, there is no should and shouldn't. There is only what works and what doesn't.  You could apply that line of reasoning to every single technology that we have developed, starting with fire. The question is not should we, but how do we not be idiots while doing so.

    Technology is a tool. Tampering with genetics is a tool. Replace one tool word with another, and see how weird that sounds.

    Do you think maybe we weren't supposed to hammer? Ah yes, the hammer debate. A lot of people are petitioning for boards joined without hammering. I like my house to be hammer free, it's more natural that way. My nephew was killed by a hammer, there should be more regulation on hammers and hammer use. The government recently decide to register people who use hammers. Makes me feel safe.

    Also, your clothes, your pet, and your food are probably all the result of genetic tampering. Take your concerns up with Mendel, or the first family who put puppies in a bag and tossed them in a river to keep that wolf bloodline docile.

    It's a tool. 

    What's that phrase? 
    Give a man a fish  and he'll try to hammer it into a tomato. Teach a man to hammer and he'll make dachshunds.

    To a person with a hammer, everything looks like a tomato that needs some fish genes in it.

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    My point was what are some of the the infanit number of thing that could go wrong? More importantly what could be done with this information in the wrong hands.... I think we need to just be careful and figure a non-human way of testing just to make sure we are not creating a super virus. Maybe I have just seen to many episodes of the last ship and x files, but if I may say so I just get a odd feeling in my gut about this. I state all this as my opinion.

    I am sorry to hear about your nephew. I also seemed to have struck a nerve I apologize for that, I just got done getting rid of two people who couldn't disagree agreeably and they both let escalat to the point they had to both be kicked, here you can ban me but not the other way around so I don't want to see this escalate. I didn't mean to cross that line.

    John Doe
  • ah hahaha no, i was making a joke and trying to make a point about how people can react to genetic engineering.

    Only woo gets banned. You're not woo.
  • Woo being pseudoscience and magickal waves, mystikal healing powders with no science just trust me, if you weren't aware.
  • Okay? I think.... When you responded to that comment I was pissing everyone around me off that day, I figured the trend carried on. I still stand by my point that if we are not sure what a protean does we should test it in something non human. Woo sounds like a troll I am surprised by that cause of the application for membership.
  • if we're not sure what a protein does, there'd be no reason to put it in a human. Just because we have the tool doesn't mean we use it haphazardly just sticking whatever piece of code into people. It is a highly controlled process and you'd only ever put in something you've tested thoroughly. You would always test in something like a rat before you would even think about trying this in a human. Just because you have a hammer and nails, doesn't mean you should go randomly putting nails into your wall. Same with genetics. Each thing takes thought and lots of effort to get right. 
  • also, myostatin is something that has been tested to death. we really got htis one down. beyond that, I know a few people who have had the myostatin down regulation done to themselves. One has had it for 7 years. No issues yet.
  • Yea I suspected as much snort of that was directed at people who see this and try to copy what you are doing, if you have ever read about homemade nuclear reactors you will see my point.
  • I built a homemade nuclear reactor. What's your point? Like all things if you follow safety procedures you'll be fine. For a reactor that means distance yourself and have proper shielding in place at least. For genetics it means test the hell out of your construct before ever considering using it on a person. 
  • does that reactor generate a decent amount of power? how big is it? 

    - and to john doe
    everything is dangerous without proper procedures and while building a nuclear reactor at home is'int something that people typically do nor genetic manipulation, research at home, this is what makes these people grinder's 
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