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A similar thread of this was closed awhile ago.  Does anyone know of any other clinics/piercers/tattoo artists that do neodymium implants?  I live in San Francisco, seems crazy that nobody in California does them.  Anyone know of a place besides flying to Arizona, etc?


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    I moved listings to our wiki, collaborate. Future listings should be posted to the article, Magnet Implant Clinics and Piercers after I fix the wiki backend.

    Please feel free to discuss here until it is.
  • Yeah; that topic was flagged for relocation there a long time ago, so I moved it.  Unfortunately, the wiki doesn't let you edit pages once they're created, but hopefully that'll be fixed.

  • I take it there are still no other people doing magnetic implants openly.  balls.
  • There aren't many.  There is a German location in cahoots with Haworth, but I can't think of anyone else.
  • Divine Canvas in London, too.
  • piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing:

    anyone had direct experience at any of these clinics?
  • I know of three places doing the implants in Germany.

    Trust (Mannheim)
    Naked Steel (Berlin)
    Stigmata (Cologne)

    I personally had mine done by Haworth at Trust, they have a 'regular' there who does it and assisted Steve in my Implantation, both seemed very competent, I can definitely recommend them.
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    Iestyn at Divine Canvas did mine. Great guy; I did get an infection, but I entirely blame myself and my shitty aftercare.
  • Haworth did mine at his house in Tempe, AZ. Very hospitable, and the guy is great conversation.
  • i do magnets and i travel around the world all the time
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    @samppavoncyborg: Is this the Samppa Von Cyborg? If so, I am a big fan of your work, actually. I am working on this project and I discovered your work while researching it. 

    Also, just to let forum members know, Samppa is one of the top Body Modification artists in the world. His affinity for cyborg culture and style makes him an obvious choice for Grinder procedures. 
  • Yes, I'm a big fan as well.
  • Can anyone point me in the direction of someone who does magnetic implants in the NYC / New England area? I was hoping Steve would be traveling through but it looks like his plans have changed.
  • @samppavoncyborg: I'm a big fan of yours as well. Do you have a schedule for where you're traveling? Or, do you think you'll visit Florida any time in the foreseeable future? 

    I live in Gainesville, Fl and would love to get an implant without having to fly anywhere if possible (probably not possible, I know).

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    In England, UK, if any ones interested, there is Mac McCarthy he now work in Inky G's Tattoos & Punctured Body Piercing/Modification, 17a Victoria Street, Wolverhampton, GB.

    Mac McCarthy aka Dr. Evil, is not only a master of body modification, he's a great man also :) he did my implants in Aug 09 :)
  • Not only that, but McCarthy did the implants of three of Warwick's students.  Warwick likes to relate the story of how he had to put that the procedure was done by "Dr. Evil" on Reading University's ethical approval forms.
  • Attention Aussies:

    I've been hunting around this little island of ours for someone to do an implant for me after my attempt resulted in a blackout and far too much blood all over my bathroom for my liking...
    And today I can announce success!

    A Mr. Adam who works at Off Ya Tree in Melbourne, Elizabeth St. said he'd be willing and able to give it a shot. Expected cost (with my own magnet - one of the VP ones from here) is $100.
    I'll be able to report on how it went sometime early-mid next week, as it'll hopefully be going in Monday or Tuesday.

  • Bish, thats great, ill be waiting to hear about how it goes. i might end up failing when i try to do mine and need to drop in there myself. im glad i wont have to fly to europe!
  • Alright!

    Went amazingly well.
    Highly recommended.
    What more can I say?

  • Oh, and Squeegy, maybe just huck out the cash and get it done by someone who knows what they're doing... self-implantation (at least, the way I went at it) is a rather traumatic experience...
    I would not advise giving it a shot, get someone else to do it.

    That way, the pain's a surprise! Joy!

  • i know its probably pretty traumatic, but i want to see if i can, ive done a number of piercings on myself and they worked just fine (including vert labret, which goes through muscle >_<) so i want to find out if i can. of course i know theres a reasonable chance i wont be able to, glad to hear it went well in case i cant manage it :P
    keep us updated on how it progresses :D
  • director x: yes, it's real me here:) glad to hear that u like my work. i'm gonna check ur project out in a min. (and btw, my project is getting there now, we solved many problems and now it looks like we can have first implantable prototypes ready by next summer :))
    Mirth_and_Oon: we will be in US from mid march until mid june touring around doing bod mod. we've been talking with my friend in FL that maybe we come there too, but im not sure yet. if u want more info, please email us: [email protected]
  • I recently had a disc implanted by John Durante at Evolve (Seattle).  I found him here through the wiki, thank you for that!

    I had a very positive experience.  The shop is clean, John is experienced and professional, and the procedure went so well that I'll be returning for another.
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