Implanting RFID chip

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So i know that you can implant an RFID chip in your body but is there any form of security. RFID Identification information can be stolen remotely outside of the body, but does it being inside the body change its vulnerability. I've been thinking about this for a while now and i know that the bio-hacking community has been growing for a while and that as it grows so do the dangers. Not too worried but i just wanted to know the security risks.


  • The implanted chips all have very short read range, so it is much harder to read them surreptitiously. Low Frequency RFID chips have no crypto protection, but  NFC chips allow setting access keys which provides pretty good security.
  • Thanks for the help AlexSmith and the thread MeanderPaul
  • Hi Luko,

    RFID  uses radio frequency signals automatic target recognition and access to relevant information. RFID tags  integrated pulse sensor is small, so that people can carry.Usually it can sensor 4-9 meters with a long range rfid card reader writes.So now RFID chips,tags, card readers are widely used in logistic ,hospital,library,etc.

    For RFID chip embodied into human body, your idea is very creative.
    If there is a kind of RFID chip is invented ,plus compatible rfid card reader, well, both of them are Eco-healthy to human body when they work.

    Good ideas make technology march.
    Good ,thanks for your share.

    Jen baker 

  • Does anyone here know the price difference for the average RFID chip compared to the average NFC chip? I am thinking of playing it safe and just getting a protected chip, unless the pricing is way too high. I don't think it should be, however.
  • Check out or dangerous things they sell both chips implant ready among other things that you may find usefull.
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