Queer biohacking

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Hi everyone!

First off, I apologize if this isn't the right place to post this. I'm an openly queer person who's getting their magnetic implant (left ring finger along the ulnar nerve side) in a few weeks and I was wondering if any of you know any other queer (LGBTQIA+) people who've gotten implants/biohacked in any way?


  • Pan here :) Got my 7th and 8th implants installed this past weekend.
  • That's awesome! What hardware have you got?
  • why does it matter?
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    @ightden My personal opinions aside, it makes sense for those with similar interests to seek each other out. Further, simply stating facts, like one's sexual orientation, shouldn't really come under scrutiny without a valid reason.
  • Im bi/pan or something. Tbh i dont even really know. Plus im androgynous and was genderfluid for a week which is a weird story. But anyway. Youre not the only one. Ive cut myself up a bit? Nothing actually biohacky yet but im working on it. Also maybe a haptic idea i had. Anyway. Cool. Its nice to meet you :) im Lex
  • Hit me up with a message mate, 15 implants, close to 30 piercings and other mods.

  • Gay woman with an xNT. How do you think queerness intersects with biohacking? Would be interested to hear your thoughts.
  • Genderqueer mutant here, but also feel that it's basically 2 separate things. but glad to have more of us around!
  • I started out typing a response that said I thought sexual orientation had little to do with an interest in biohacking, but just the process of typing it made me reconsider...

    I think that biohackers/grinders are by definition individuals that are willing to explore and push boundaries.  We're willing to embrace things outside what the "majority" might call "normal".  We seek to define ourselves by our own standards, to accept and embrace ourselves on whatever path we may take.  I now believe that those with sexual orientations that are outside the so-called "traditional" ones likely have a leg up on heterosexuals in being able to step outside of those "traditional" bounds.

    I hope that makes sense.  And I hope I didn't offend anyone with that.  I'm a heterosexual male who only recently came to really accept and respect orientations different from my own.  People are a complex, strange, and highly varied set of organisms.  It took me far too long to appreciate them for all that they are and can be.

    Just imagine what some people will say when strong A.I. finally happens and there are those of us who find ourselves attracted to them.  I think, perhaps, I could find myself in that group.  What would they call me?

    I hope that someday everyone will understand that happiness and companionship can come in many forms, and so long as no one is coerced or harmed by it, we're all better for it.  I hope we learn to celebrate our diversity for the wonder it is.
  • I celebrate diversity by never mentioning it.
    Everyone is welcomed when no one is.
    True equality, in my mind, follows the 4chan model. It doesn't matter who you are, what you do, your orientation. No one cares.
    Divisions are all mental.
  • The good thing about the biohacking/grinding community, is we're accepting to damn near everything. You can easily find a friend in all of us, unless you're a douche, then you'll only find a friend in half of us.

    It's understandable to seek likeminded(for lack of a better term) people, But don't forget about the rest of us, no matter your sexual interest, or gender(s)
  • queer and trans biohacker here. Not sure why it matters, but I'm interested to hear your thoughts.
  • The most interesting thing I'm taking away from this thread is all the members I've never seen before...I hope you folks aren't holding back on posting out of fear of being judged for your preferences. :/
  • Not at all @zombiegristle - I'm new, actually. Just nice to have a roll call thread now and then. :)
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    Pretty new to the forums as well, @zombiegristle

    Edit: Highly interested in biohacking as it relates to gender and HRT. I've documented changes from testosterone injections for the last 1.6 years.
  • Genderqueer biohacker, 2 microchip implants :)
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    I'm homosexual (male), and currently have 3 microchip implants (2-xNT,1-T5577). Also planning to implant a Yubikey Neo.
  • @katy teehee, hi! *pokes, hides behind a bookcase*

    Trans lezzer here, and as yet, no mods, but I've been wanting several for a while now, including magnets and RFID/NFC chips. Main reason for not getting them yet is... I dunno, actually. When I had money, I was kind of forgetting, and right now, between jobs, sooo...

    I mean, unless you count GRS, which may kinda be one of the bigger biohacks you can do?
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  • Just an update. I got my first implant done a few days ago (thread about it here: http://forum.biohack.me/discussion/1203/m31-implant).

    Once it heals more and I can type more comfortably, I'll answer @katy 's question, and comment on @aviin 's discussion about attraction to strong AI.
  • Trans girl checking in here. I feel like this is a relevant topic in reference to how much queer orientations have to relate to physical bodies--many identities that people relate to being queer have to do with feeling out of place in your body, or with having unusual feelings about how your body interacts with other bodies.
    At least in the frame of reference of trans folk, there's also a lot of us who sort of start body-modification stemming from changing ourselves for gendered reasons? Like, I'm new here--this is literally my first post--but I started thinking about body modification after I began taking hormones and started to consider getting aesthetic surgery.
    So, that's an aspect to consider. Additionally, there's the whole angle of how biohacking--especially the grinder style of DIY unofficial biohacking--gives people physical diversity and changes what different individuals can do, which I feel heavily relates to the concepts of personal autonomy and the idea of being abnormal in a "fuck you" sort of way, which loops back to being queer.
    Also, nice to meet you.
  • JoanL

    Interesting point you make, there are quite a few transwomen commenting on this thread.

    I identify as genderquuer but "live as a trans woman" and there might be some part of me that likes changing my physicality outside what some team of doctors say I can or cannot do.
    Maybe biohacking for me is partially a way to regain some self control over my body

    Just a wondering .......
  • I keep intending to think about this more and I keep not.
    Until then, there is a guy trying to modify tobacco plants to create hormones for trans folks:
    This is rad!
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    Super excited about that that project! Bit concerned that it's being pushed as an art thing first and bio second... But maybe that's where the bio focused folks here can come in :) looks exceptionally exciting, and I really hope it goes somewhere. 
    (kinda thinking we could use a 'projects looking for x talent' tag/section/wiki/email newsletter/something) 
  • Guess I'm kind of late here, but I'm trans and pansexual, planning on getting my first magnetic implant within the next few months.
  • I'm Pansexual, in addition to just being a hopeless romantic
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  • I like ElectricFeel's stance, but I think that's how it should and will ideally be, and until then it helps people a lot to feel explicitly welcomed. 
    (WELCOME EVERYBODY! <3 <3 <3) 

    I think aviin is right in that there is a lot of common ground for queer people & biohackers, but apart from that I also just love to combine interests/traits/whatever, because you can find awesome people in the center of Venn Diagrams of some seemingly unrelated groups (kinky hermit crab owners!).

    aviin, I will steal the idea about being attracted to an AI to confront people who consider themselves straight. Thank you!
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