Embedded RFID with LED

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I am looking for a RFID tag with the following properties:
1) passive, UHF;
2) can survive to autoclave sterilization;
3) compliant to ISO-10993;
4) small dimensions, embeddable into metallic objects
5) LED provided

Any experience or help would be greatly appreciated.



  • no current RFID tags have LEDs in them. Because they dont have a battery. If you have an LED its no longer passive. I guess you could grab something like the northstar and put an rfid chip in it. But I feel like thats not really what you are looking for.
  • Sure ? I found several places that say different. Plaese have a look at http://www.veryfields.net/passive-rfid-tag-with-led-for-pick-to-light-applications
  • Well nifty. You still have to hold the reader to it to make it light up. Also, from the images I'm seeing they look considerably larger than anything being placed in a vial. I haven't seen these before either.
  • rfid works basically like induction charging, it gets power from another source. You could just wire up an LED to an induction coil and shove it into the same case. But thats a custom grind and might not be perfect, and will for sure be to large to fit in a syringe like most are done.
  • yes, my concern is related to dimensions. And this is the reason of my post: to understand if someone has knowledge or experience of passive, embeddable tags with led function.
  • They are super easy to build, but due to the rather high current demand of the led they work best with bigger coils. Read as 4 to 10mm coil diameter and about the same length. I have build tiny wireless led-lights (without RFID) which could fit into a 4mm Sphere, they require very close proximity to a transmitter coil and the LED is still pretty weak.
    If you build an RFID tag from readily available parts (such as attiny, coils etc) you can get it into something that's about 6mm in diameter and about 15mm long. All you need is sealing it up.
  • The site you linked to does not sell implantable tags. Those are for metal asset tracking.
  • Yeah, I think he was showing it as an example.
  • yes it was just an example. Please also consider ISO-10993 and autoclave sterilization, they are both mandatory requirements.
  • HI , 

    Is ISO18000-6C available ?

    This RFID tags reader writer is small, support android, can connect computer when it is used, just bluetooth is ok ,it is a everywhere use reader writer with 32GB memory ,and suitable to use at very low or high temperature situation.

    Hope it could help you.

    Jen baker
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