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Ok, so this is purely a thought.

I currently have the rewritable RFID from and my ultimate goal is having it be used with my truck. I know @mcstuff has done a project with his car and that I will be trying to accomplish also. That being said I started thinking about my remote start in the truck I would be using and decided that might be a better way to access it to turn it over.

At this point I'm not just thinking up ways to mod my truck and thought, hey why not rip down a keyfob to as basic as possible and just have the remote start and battery? Now it went from a simple truck mod to maybe it could be implanted in the forearm with an inductive charge coil and magnetic switch for the button. I think in order for the fob to start the truck with just one button I would need to change the program in the device because it requires the doorlock and then the remote start button. That would obviously be ideal if I want to minimalize the size but a quick fix would be to just make it use both of the buttons through wiring.

Bare in mind I do not yet have an m31 for multiple reasons which are unavailability and lack of a person to install it.

All that being said I would love some feedback on why my current plan would not work or why it would.

Side note: charging the battery would not be a wire in the wall at night with a magnetic tab. That could start the truck instead I was thinking of using a compression armband that had a chargeable battery that I could just slip on into the correct spot to A) hold it in place and B) not be as awkward to have on. This would make it more aesthetically please in public or wherever.


  • Not trying to sound negative cause I think the idea is pretty cool but what happens when you decide to get rid of the truck and get a new vehicle? or even decide to purchase a second vehicle? multiple key fob implants?

    I'd go the hacking the truck route - maybe use something like an xEM to read the tag and have the signal wire send a signal to unlock the car as well as remote start it at the same time.

    Just my two cents.
  • That's a very good point about getting rid of it. That thought hadn't really crossed my mind.

    The only thing I could see possibly getting around the new truck issue would be if the fob is "universal". I have seen them before where you just have to program the fob to work on that vehicle.

    In all honesty I will probably go the truck route first since I have means to do that currently opposed to the implant part. I was toying with an idea of putting multiple readers in the truck for different things such as door locks and starting. I think using the fob as a back bone to it all might be the simplest and fastest route.

  • You can toy around with maybe a single reader and have it respond different based on how long the tag is read for. Something like a quick scan for unlock, and a long scan for unlock & start.
  • I like that idea of timed scans
  • Just to throw some thoughts out as far as a possible timed scan solution - maybe doing something Arduino based that checks for a tag ever 3 seconds, If it detects the same tag for 2 scan cycles it counts as a long scan...
  • This was my next implant idea I wanted to go entirely keyless. I was going to use something like this.
    and an arduino to trigger it instead of the key. on one circuit and another for the central locking. I do have concerns with the security of the system though and have been trying to solve this.

  • I'm not overly concerned about security as I am about reliability. I'm mostly concerned with heating and cooling in the winter with condensation. I'm toying with the idea of mounting all the guts in the door panel to keep it mostly clean in appearance and running whatever wires I need through the emt tubing the connects the door to the truck cab and eventually the computer. I like the scan time with the Adruino board and might have the reader face the outside wall near the handle and hopefully have the read distance be close enough to that to read my hand implant.
  • @scruffy that button start isn't a bypass you still need the key to be turned to the on position then push the button. I like the idea of it though.

    I'm sure you could make it work easy enough though
  • yeah I was going to work around it and trigger a solid state relay with arduino instead of the key switch
  • sorry that wasn't a good link but the rough idea. you can get a kit that is independent of the key switch. could use just the button and switch it all with arduino and some relays
  • I actually like it and may make use of the item if not for the project but just for the starting with a button.
  • Like meanderpaul said, I put a reader in my car to unlock it. In a different project I wrote Arduino code to act like an off-the-shelf authenticator. Both projects were documented and the Arduino code was posted in the blog. Anyone is welcome to improve on it or just build their own copies.
    The off-the-shelf authenticators are dead simple to set up and use and the one I used had an all-weather antenna with respectable read range. Do sells them.

    Arduino version of authenticator:

    Off-the-shelf RFID reader for unlocking
  • dezie_mm He has an amazing car setup with his rfid 
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