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My power button is dying  on my faithful old Z1 Sony. I have managed to find an app (magnet unlocker) that is meant to work with a magnetic case that I can use with my implant. But I have to put the magnet in range of the  reader then remove it as that's how the case would work. Before I go about learning how to make an app myself, has anyone found an app that may be more suitable?


  • Hi,

    If you have rooted your phone have a look on XDA forums and see if there was a lollipop release for that model or any form of mods, I have used the Xnti to unlock my phone since late Jelly bean. First I was using the S3 on Omega. Then I used the S4 with Omega roms too as the mods were released and maybe I tweaked it a bit. 

    With the s5 (current) Lollipop introduced trusted devices to unlock your phone so any NFC or Bluetooth device you trust can be set as an unlock tool.

    Let me know if this was helpful. 
  • You could take your phone apart and replace the power button with a resistor and a hall effects sensor... would make it magnetic lock and unlock. But at that point why not just replace the button? unless you just want to be cool I guess
  • That is a lot of effort at that point I would just buy a new phone :) 
  • I unfortunately dropped it while trying to get it to open and broke the screen. While its apart Ill install a new button. I may play with it more because ts cool though
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